Friday, November 13, 2009

Tights review- We Love Colors

Oh my darlings.

So much to talk about today.

First up my review of We Love Colors Plus size black striped tights. See them here. For full disclosure I was sent these tights for free via Twitter somehow (totally the second time for this sorta thing ever the first was a sex toy) and the communication wasn't stellar but whatever. I am a hosiery and tights lover of epic proportions and have been lusting for stripey tights.

Let's begin.

First issue I had with these tights is the sizing. The striped tights only have one plus size which is as follows:

weight height
160 - 250 lbs 5'5" - 6'

Okay first of all I am 5'3" and short legged. So I knew they were going to be too long at the get go. And I was right when I got them holy fucking shit were they long.

I have always been short legged so the length thing wasn't a deal breaker when I saw how gorgeous they were.

I got the black/violet and holy shit y'all they are so pretty. I couldn't get a super accurate picture due to cloudy weather/lighting at work not being great but here you go.

That does not capture how beautifully purple the stripes are.

So on a purely visual basis my first thought was WIN WIN WIN WIN.

After opening the package I really -really wanted to love them but I didn't.

My first issue is the texture. Being that these things cost 12$ I was expecting higher quality material. These were pretty much just like the usually cheaper Leg Avenue striped tights or other novelty tights you find.

Also too much nylon and not enough lycra means there is not enough snap back stretch and for the price I would expect that. Also it means that the tights are kind of scratchy which brings me to the construction.

Despite the heavy on the nylon material, while putting on the tights they felt okay. I have pretty long nails and poked a few spots while putting them on without making holes.

Now there is one huge problem for me with the construction, this weird ushaped ass seam. There is a seam that felt on my skin like I had saggy drawers or something and after about forty minutes I just wanted to take them off. Huge points off for that. I have worn many different brands of tights and never come across that. I am assuming that it's an added panel to give some room for junk in the trunk but I found it really uncomfortable.

Through the day, these tights sagged badly and I found myself hiking them up constantly from the thigh because the waistband area was pulled and rolled two times all the way up under my boobs.

Overall I would not actually ever buy these for myself.

For one pair with shipping to the US is 17$ and for me that's a lot of money to drop on a single pair of tights and I just wouldn't do it after wearing a pair. I was really disappointed with pretty much everything except for the color. I might have forgiven the itchiness of them if it weren't for the weird ass seam but there you have it.

A thumb and a half down.

For that kind of fit I honestly would spend less and buy some queen size that will run you anywhere from 5-7$ at costume shops etc around the internets.

Save yourself ten bucks and get a cupcake or a lipstick instead.

For me plus size tights optimally fulfill the following requirements:

Enough stretch in the form of lycra or spandex to keep their shape.
Options for short fat asses because fat does not always equal tall.
Options for long legged tall fat asses.
No weird ass seams. (Really I CANNOT get over that you guys, that shit bugged me so much you don't even know and I didn't bring pants to wear that day so I couldn't take them off when I got home.)
Adequately sized patterns. Scale the patterns so that there is extra room evenly otherwise they will not fit okay.

You get my drift.

Honestly, I really don't see myself paying 15$ a pair for the regular plus size tights at We Love Colors either. I love tights but that's really just too much for my budget.

I will sacrifice awesome colors to save some bucks.

For some other less pricy options keep your eye out at places like Just My Size, Target (Merona brand tights are love for me, the 1X fits me really well aside from being a little too long), Avenue, Woman Within. A random google search of plus size tights can bring you some awesome finds as well.

The bottom line is, I'm going to keep looking because I do really love interesting tights. I will probably wear the stripes again but probably with short pants over them and boots.

So back to Nanowrimo.

Tomorrow I want to talk about some fetish fashions and some fatgoth groaning. But I'll give some ideas for what I deem gothables if you're like me and not a super fancy goth in lots of sizes because I know some of my homies need bigger sizes.


I hit 17K WOOOT and I'm aiming for 18.5 before I leave work in three and a half hours.

I love you guys.

Homo out.


lilacsigil said...

Go Nano!

I really like the We Love Colors tights, despite having to pay to ship them from the US - but I'm 5'7", have really big legs, even proportional to my size, and can't find tights or stockings to fit in Australia. But it's good that options for fat fashion are expanding so much that there can be something for lots of different fat-shapes, rather than all of us having to wear the same voluminous sack.

jaed said...

I have seen what seems like the same weird u-shaped seam on lots of queen-size pantyhose. Never on anything not queensize, though.

It does feel weird physically. Also, this is strange, it looks so bizarre and ugly that it depresses me to wear a garment that has it. Sort of a "you're not worthy of the nice, sexy pantyhose!" vibe. (Which I admit is silly. But it does feel like uglification of underwear, and uglification of underwear is just a bad thing for all concerned.)

Orodemniades said...

er, I've never not worn tights or pantyhose without the double seam in the backside?

I too am short, but find the colors at WLC worth it - mostly.

Meems said...

I've found the u-shaped seam on most sweater tights, regardless of whether they were plus sized or not. I don't love it, but can deal.

I agree that We Love Colors can be expensive, however, I am a big fan of their regular tights and can manage a M/L in some of the ones that don't come as plus sizes - that's the thing about going by height/weight rather than clothing size...

Frances said...

I'm an Australian fatty. We don't have a great range of coloured tights to begin with, let alone coloured tights for fatties, so We Love Colors was a godsend.

I'm reasonably tall - I'm 5'8" - and the tights go all the way up to my bust. I love that, as usually I have to deal with too-short tights rolling down over my stomach and contricting my organs. I can see how the length would be a massive pain if I were any shorter, though.

I have no problem with the U shaped seam. I have a fair amount of junk in the truck (my butt's like a table) so maybe that's it. I've never even noticed the seam when I'm wearing them.

Lady Jaye said...

Great post, Shannon! I have how tights seem indeed to be modeled for various sets of body types under the same size. I too have short, fat legs, and last thing I want are tights that are so long on me that they could cover my boobs. Last I checked, they were not part of the same body parts as my legs.

ChloeMireille said...

I hate the butt seaming with a fiery passion. The Avenue tights have them too, so don't even mess with them.(Even though they have a pair of footless tights in a super cute magenta-ish color.)

Woman Within/Roamans has been really stepping up lately with their variety. THEY HAVE GLITTER TIGHTS! It sucks that a two-pack is not mix-and-match, but considering there's almost always a coupon code on any given day, they're always cheaper than We Love Colors. (I think the most recent coupon in my inbox has 40% off whatever the hell you want.)

Anonymous said...

Okay, my ass is bigger than yours (5'4, 210#, size 18-20) and I *love* the u-seam. I often get a rip in my tights along the straight seam.

But a total second on the bagginess of the We Love Colors tights. They don't snap back! I gave a few pairs away to fatter girls, and I have a few I cut the legs off and rolled to wear with a garter, because I couldn't stand them bagging around my ankles & knees.

Anonymous said...

with the four pairs that i've bought from them so far, i only really have one complaint & that's the crotch splitting in the fishnets (thgh i've had this happen with nearly every pair of fishnets i own) & if i now know that if i layer them over the top of other stockings, then they tend to last longer :)

as for the price, once you include shipping for four pairs it comes to about NZ$80. You normally end up paying around $20 for plus-size stockings in New Zealand & i've only ever found them in plain black or black fishnet...having the choice of so many colours is very refreshing & i can totally justify the price :)

currently saving up for my next semi-bulk purchase :)

valtrex online said...

I think that total second on the bagginess of the We Love Colors tights. They don't snap back! I gave a few pairs away to fatter girls, and I have a few I cut the legs off and rolled to wear with a garter, because I couldn't stand them bagging around my ankles & knees

Anonymous said...

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