Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's almost 2010.

I don't do resolutions I do however reflect.

And upon reflection quite frankly 2009 can lick my balls.

Overall I am vastly unimpressed with the year.

2010 needs to be a rather Bohemian year.

By which I mean more art more beauty more love.


(Pardon me while I sing songs from Moulin Rouge for a minute)

To that end I am not going to be such an asshole to myself when I'm feeling sad and vulnerable.

I have been working on that and fuck it's hard.

Now I must profess my love for you guys. This is my end of the year love letter to the internets.

My homies,

I've been journaling/blogging for a long time now. I started out with an anonymous angst fill journal on DiaryX back in the day. Closed that one and made one under the name Nudemuse at the same site.

Then DiaryX died a magnificent sad death and I started using the domain name I purchased and did nothing with except fiddle with HTML.

From way back then I never thought that people would be at all interested in my random musings and rants.

People started reading, people started leaving comments and things and damn it, you bring me a lot of joy.

Every one of you who has commented with a fuck yeah or I don't get it but yay and everything else.

Every one of you lurkers.

And yes you folks who come here to make fun of the fatty or try your damndest to troll.

It brings me more joy than I can ever tell you guys that sometimes things I say mean something to you. It brings me joy to hand you a little piece of me and know that some of you are carrying that around somewhere in your head.

So to end the year my homies I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for listening when I've been ranting about race or fat or sex.

Thank you for listening when I'm on about fashion and my ass.

Thank you for asking me meaningful questions.

Thank you for shutting up and listening when applicable.

Thank you.

I really hope that for all of you my homies and haters that your 2010 is better than your 2009.

I hope that you get some sweet sleep and have some beautiful dreams.

I hope that you love yourself and other people.

I hope you know that even those days when you are pretty sure you're the butthole of the universe, you still know that people care about you and love you.

Here's to a damn fine year.

You will probably not hear from me until after 2010 starts. I intend to spend New Year's even in my ugly flannel jammies snogging Uniballer and watching movies. Perhaps eating some delicious noms. I've been begging for tasty stinky fancy cheese despite the digestive consequences.

Happy safe and awesome New Years my darlings.



CGriffin said...

Happy New Year, dollface. More art more beauty more love. That shall be my 2010 mantra. If that's boho? So be it!

Piffle said...

Happy New Year to you too! And it's a blue moon year, who knows where it'll go!

JeninCanada said...

Happy New Year and strong wishes to you and yours for a very Bohemian 2010! More art more beauty more love indeed! Thank YOU for inspiring me and staying true to you.

Little EagleWoman

CTJen said...

Happy New Year! :-)

Rebel said...

2009 WAS a lame-ass year. I'm sick of it already. My summer was stolen by stupid problems. I should have been able to enjoy all those dusty bike rides more. I hate winter and 2010 gives me a chance for another summer, and even if my Rae isn't going to be around it's going to be a good one god damnit.

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