Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Oh my stars garters and everything else.

So holy crap.

You guys, OMG you guys.

I have been a busy busy lady. Aside from trying (belatedly, Gods really self, do you still really wait until it's fucking freezing to prepare) to get ready wardrobe wise for winter and doing something well kind of awesome.

My shop is 99% done. I have three essays uploaded, I have a paypal cart system in place. I did an about the author page that will probably go live last because I never know what to say on those. I did a bibliography page so you can read my fiction if you're so inclined.

I have written another essay and have another on the burner to edit.

My homies. LET'S DO THIS.

But first.

Instead of doing a newsletter I decided to do an announcement only Google group. So if you would like to be notified when I add content to my wee store or have something else epic going on (I don't imagine a lot of activity) please head over here honestly I have never really used something like that and I cannot promise I won't fuck up at least once. Feel free to spread that link around if you feel like it.

Next order of business.

My essay pages are not fancy. I used plain old school html hand coded in notepad by yours truly then tweaked in front page. So please don't expect any bells and whistles.


OH, I have more advice to give this week now that my brain is fully functional again.

We (Uniballer and I) finally got a real DSL modem from home which will mean more frequent posting. Our internets connection was so bad from home for awhile I could hardly upload pictures much less make posts and things. It's much better now thanks to a super deal we found.

In fat news.

I actually said that out loud a la a TV reporter type thing(wow I'm tired).

Anyway before I digress further I had a conversation with a prospective doctor.

See I am looking for a new gyno/gp that is closer to home. I have been making some calls and the top contender looked like a winner until we spoke on the phone.

One of the first things out of her mouth was doubt as to the validity of my last round of tests. As in my very low fasting blood sugar, my lower than average BP, my okay but not great cholesterol levels. She also was dubious about my repeated (and noted) wishes not to be put on some jackass diet.

She told me flat out that she would not be referring me for my joint issues until I showed a "commitment to lowering my BMI". Now clearly she had not really read my medical records and frankly I'm too fucking old to go through all that bullshit again.

I politely told her thanks but no thanks and that I don't need to see a doctor who a.)doesn't respect my wishes in regards to my own body and b.) uses such a flawed measurement as basis for treatment.

Upshot is the search continues.

Now I honestly have an already shaky (read as mistrustful) view of the medical industrial complex.

This comes from years of being sickly, injured, etc.

Most of the most valuable (life saving in some cases) things about my body that I have learned have not come from the doctors I'm supposed to trust with my life. Here's a wee list.

1.) Given the way that my body metabolically functions, being a vegetarian even a pescetarian is not good for me. My body does not function well without protein from meat. That's it. I spent a lot of years trying valiantly to be a vegetarian/vegan. I ate some really wonderful food but in the end, my body started to break down and I started getting sick a lot and finally realized that the intense cravings for meat were more than some by product of society that says HAY EAT MEAT. It was biological and once I started heeding my body more than heeding a set of politics I got healthier.

2.) Losing weight is not a cure anything for me. At lower weights I have had some new (low blood pressure) and some exacerbated (joint problems) issues. For me to maintain an "ideal" weight for my height and frame, I have to exercise a lot. When I say a lot it's in hours daily. Now even when I was doing low impact aerobic exercise that often, yes I lost and kept off weight but I also started having increased back, knee and ankle problems. Swelling, limping, laying awake at night having back spasms. That was not good for my well being in any fashion. Not to mention that no matter how hard I worked out or weights I lifted, my body did not aesthetically show a lot of that and emotionally that was fucking terrible. I have learned that for my particular body,moderate gentle exercise is the way to go. That will not ever keep me thin but it keeps me feeling better and that is more important to me than having a magazine ad ass.

3.) I have an intolerance to a lot of pain medications. Some give me terrible hives, others make me really constipated and I really don't want to be on anything like that long term so see above.

4.) I have learned to stand up for myself and my health. I figured out at some point in my 20's that some doctors are full of shit. That some doctors have money on the brain more than my precious health. That, sometimes my instincts are right. Most importantly I learned how my body functions. Being that there is no Shannon textbook available, I am the best source of tht information and I need a doctor who will work with that and work with me rather than look at me and say you's gonna die fatass.

It is far more important to me to spend the rest of my life feeling comfortable in my body and being as healthy as I can be than it is to look like someone else's idea of health.

To this end I will have another run at doctors after the holidays. Someone I work with gave me information about an Insomnia and Sleep disorder specialist who does not bullshit serious long term insomniacs about getting medication when needed. Hallelujah.

I am so thankful for that you guys don't even know. People who have never suffered long lasting (with me this is decades) insomnia really just don't get it and that is really frustrating.

Now tomorrow folks I'm coming at you with some advice for CG and another reader who wanted to remain anonymous but we'll call Big Homie. Then Corey my nerdy darling you're up on Friday. Then this weekend providing I find my fucking camera cord I wanted to share some thrifting wins and not so wins.

The not so wins have the most absurd story to go along with them.

Now if y'all will excuse me I am going to do some writing drink a lot of tea and try not to free my ladyballs off because wow it's fucking cold here.

As always, I do really love and cherish you homies and haters.

Do me a favor, tell yourself that you're pretty fucking cool. And if you question this assessment, remind yourself that Shannon said so and that's that.

Homo out.


Piffle said...

If you can get to the library check out a recent Scientific American that has a bright yellow cover. It has a whole article on the latest treatments for chronic pain. I know someone who reduced their opoid need by half with one of the other drugs in that article.

For my minor joint pains I use vitamin D and fish oil. I've just had to up the D to 3000 units a day, probably because of the winter cloudiness and dark.

Best of luck with the doc search.

Haddayr said...

If I had a dollar for every idiot doctor I met who didn't know wtf they were doing I could PAY someone to have my MS for me.

I am now the weight I was back years ago when a doctor stared at me like I was a slug on his table and told me I was obese. I crash dieted. "A doc told me, so he must be right," I thought.

Piffle. I was healthy and strong and had boobs.

I hope you find a doc who hasn't drunk the kook-aid.

maggiemunkee said...

as someone who has been dealing with insomnia (entirely undiagnosed) since just about infancy, i understand your frustrations.

i have tried everything, including prescriptions and home remedies and old wives' tales... nada. but recently some other health issues have had me experimenting with removing wheat from my diet. and i've been SLEEPING. i don't know if the two are related, but it might be worth playing around with, if it's doable for you.

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