Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fat Lady Ruminations.

I'm still kinda drugged up (Theraflu FTW) so this may get very random.

So Uniballer and I had a very Old Navy Christmas which I may or may not have mentioned I don't recall.

I have to say their fat dude clothes are actually pretty nice. He picked up a pair of their cargo pants and they are really nice. Soft and they look good on him. Excellent stuff.

Also weirdly it seems like their winter tees are cut far roomier than the summer ones. Judging by how the XXL plain tees fit me I'm guessing that they could probably fit up to a 20-22 ish depending on how your built. I bet they'd be good for smaller boobed and bigger bellied boob having bods. especially the crew neck.

Now the other thing I've been ruminating on all day involves a conversation I had with someone about my views of FA and how activism in general fits in with my meatworld life.

Some days I have all the energy to educate and raise hell.

Other days it's all I have the energy for is to walk around in my fat black body with my head up.

Some days it feels like activism when I tell another fat person where to buy some awesome clothes.

Some days just telling someone that no I don't diet and don't see it as a good option for me physically or psychologically is what I do.

Here we come to one of my beefs with feminism as I've experienced it.

I do not have to be political in every step I take and it annoys the fucking shit out of me when someone implies that I do. I was reminded of this recently by following backlinks to a discussion about a womans self portraits and why one woman and her readers disapproved.

What really chaps my ass is the idea that because I may or may not subscribe to some ideals means that I must fly that flag all the time strikes me as counter to the idea that I am an autonomous being outside of those ideals.

Now this feeling is probably due to two things. One I have an authority issue. I do not like being told what to do how to think etc by anyone. And two I am a cranky cranky person sometimes and when something pushes certain buttons it's like having a burr in my ass.

Moving along.

My over arching point here is that activism is not just one thing or sharing some sort of hive mind opinion with people who have a similar bent. For some folks, walking around being who they are is all the activism they care to do and I think that's fantastic. Some people want to write letters, others want to start blogs, some people want to start organizations and you know what it's all good.

Other business.

Now that the Fatosphere feed has been split yet again, I'll be sure to label my posts as being fashiony when they are in fact fashiony so people can just skip it. Which is my personal M.O while cruising my feed reader.


OH advice for our recent divorcee homie as well as some advice for anyone dating.

And this week some advice from a twitter homie who asked me after reading an exchange with um....shit I forgot who but basically a thin lady who loves her some fat ladies.

Okay that's it I'm very tired.

I'm also staring at a ball of lovely white yarn that is going to become a big white shawl.

Homo Out.


BBWNorthwest said...

I feel the same way about size acceptance. There are some militant views in the community which I don't agree with; buying 2 seats on an airplane for instance. I don't feel the need to tow any party line. I'm me. And I like it!

witchyvixen said...

I have some wicked serious authority figure issues myself. Tell me I absolutely must do anything and I immediately dig my heels in. Doesn't matter if I want to do it, doesn't matter if I like to do it, doesn't matter if I need to do it. Tell me I have to and you will automatically have some resistance to deal with.

My major issue with any brand of political/philosophical thinking is the self-appointed guardians of whatever "cause" you choose to be interested in. These standard hounds are always on the lookout, always alert for any unleashed thought or action that might in any way vary from the established pack mind collective. They also stalk any poor soul new to their ideals so that they can pounce on them and bombard them with corrections. Think/feel/walk/talk/BE this way or you have FAILED.

Feminism and fat acceptance are supposed to be about the right to have choices and tolerance for those choices. Feminism is not about everyone being a feminist, feminism is about having the right to chose whether or not you want to be a feminist. Fat acceptance is supposed to be about everyone being accepted no matter what they choose to do with their own bodies.

This way of thinking means that you can choose not to think about these things every second of every day.

beatfreak said...

You are awesome. That is all.

Elizebeth said...

I think the existing Fat Acceptance movement needs to be more welcoming and, funny enough, accepting.

I spend enough time fighting in the real world. I don't need to spend my time feeling like I'm fighting for my place amongst a group of people that imply "we're here to accept you" but with the unspoken addendum "only if you think exactly the way we do."

I'm not just willing to tow a party line. I'm an individual with my own ideas. And sometimes that means I express dissenting opinions.

But, also, as a lifelong weirdo, it chaps my hide when people feel excluded without a clear explanation.

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