Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few fatty fashions, musings reviews and fotos.

Now that I have found my camera cord and remembered to make Uniballer take some outfit pics I have some reviews and/or tips.

Before that a few businessy details.

I may or may not be on the fat feeds I have no idea.

Also a few people have asked and I don't post in the LJ fatshionista community and I tend to not post in the Flickr pool though I do love both.

I don't post in the LJ community because I don't think I'd meet the current size requirements. Prior to that I didn't really post because a.) I really hate people telling me to wear more color and b.) there were enough people who are not comfortable with the participation of smaller fat folks I decided a long time ago not to post pics.

As for that last bit no it was not something stated by mods nor was it anything official but an impression I got from both comments in the community and in personal journals. There you have it.

I still participate and comment etc when appropriate and I still LOVE sales post day. LOVE IT.

Other business before you say it yes the floor in my hallway is dirty and there is random crap there. In the fall/winter we cannot keep it clean. Grey carpet+linoleum right next to the front door+people who walk everywhere and live where there are not always actual sidewalks=grungy ass floors. So you don't have to point it out, yes I know and when the weather clears up a little bit we'll steam clean and it'll be all good. Also that towel is really old and keeps the draft out and thus our electric bill lower.

Uh..okay I think that's all the businessy stuff.

Now it's Fatshion time!

Not too long ago a ladyfriend asked me what I would call how I dress.

Um............essentially I wear whatever I think is cute.

I do have a huge and serious love for skirts and I'm slowly getting back on the pants train. I prefer awesome black trousers to any other sort of pants. My favorite fit is a slight bootcut and dark darkity dark dark pants.

So onto some photos.


This is probably one of my favorite "new" outfits.

Nothing except my boots and glasses cost me more than 20$ in fact most of it cost less than 10.

Torrid cardigan (super old size 1)
Old Navy XXL V neck tee
Skirt-ebay score size 1X Probably could go bigger it’s stretchy. No brand name.
My favorite black ribbed tights that are too fucking long and bag at the knees.
Beloved Burgundy docs. Laced w/help from my partner Uniballer because they did not fit when I got them.
Black headwrap.
Dirty linoleum thanks to damp weather and a filthy parking lot.
See hand prints on the door been there since we moved in.
Also guest starring Uniballers cane hanging on the door.

I have to tells you internets. I resisted Old Navy for a really long time but thrifted some ON tees at Fatshionista last summer just to see if I like them and ZOMFG love at first try on.

Now the winter cuts of Old Navy tees seem to be roomier so I really think that the XXL could fit someone up to a 20-22 depending on how you're built. I think they would be a good bet for those who are smaller busted with bigger bellies. They are very soft and stretchy and I have full faith that they can stretch to accomodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on how you want the fit. For me they could fit a bit tighter, if I buy more before Spring I will get L's. The vee necks if you are busty are gonna show some cleavage. And if you are under 5'4" like I am the shirts are going to be fairly long.

You'll notice I'm a little rumpled. My outfit pics are usually at the end of the day and I have an hour long bus ride so I get rumpled.

This outfit made me feel quite sassy for some reason. I have a distinct and probably appalling love for flouncy skirts and boots. I have since I was a teenager. Now what you can't see is that the waistband of that skirt is pulled up to right under my bra. True fax I wear 99% of my skirts that way because I like a skirt at or just above the knee and I'm short torso'd.

A note on wearing tall Docs for those of us with bigger calves. When you get your docs find a friend or partner and unlace them fully. Pull up the zipper and have your friend relace them. Fitting laced boots to big calves is way easier when you use teamwork. Also since you're not bent over trying to do it you can get a proper fit and have it tied so you don't have to futz with it more.

Note I still don't wear a lot of accessories because frankly I forget. I have my beloved HP Lovecraft necklace MCCN gave me and it looks so cute with Vneck things I just forget to put it on.

Next outfit was from um....last Thursday?


This was an experiment. This is this dress from Old Navy and my trusty old Torrid sweater duster.

Now this dress is super roomy. I seriously think that this is another one that could possibly fit someone up to a 20-22 or so and maybe bigger depending on how you're built. I was going to sell this dress because on it's own it's kind of weird. It's a soft tee shirty material but the fit is kind of not what it looks like in the photo. I really recommend this if you are more apple shaped. Lots of belly room.

So I decided to try it with the long jacket and liked it a lot. Then I had a stroke of inspiration to give the We Love Colors plus size striped tights another run.


BAM. Striped hams.

So I handwashed these tights in really hot water and wore them inside out. That solved my issue with the U shaped ass seam but they were still way too long. But when worn with boots there isn't such an issue with wrinkly ankles.

Now if you've been playing along at home you'll notice I really like comfortable clothes. My clothes have to be functional. I have to be able to comfortably walk the few miles I do daily. I have to be able to sit at my desk without discomfort.

There is an older lady (who seriously has the most beautiful bright white hair and this boyish bangs over the forehead hair I have ever seen) I see fairly frequently downtown while I'm on my way to work and she's at lunch. She stopped me when I was wearing the first outfit and told me:

"You manage to be cute and look so elegant. I love how you dress."

That made me giggle so hard.

Now going forward (I'm talking to you my fat Gothy homies) I'm going to say that my go to for tops are Target and Old Navy. I want my plain black and occasionally jewel tone/grey shirts without bullshit and both shops have an abundance (in both straight and plus sizes) of fairly inexpensive shirts.

I learned this winter that is fucking impossible to find a coat that I like that isn't wool. I really am not into anorak or puffer jackets. I wanted a black kinda elegant warm coat. Holy fucking BALLS is that hard to find in something that isn't wool and preferably has a hood.

My trusty red ugly coat is still wearable and warm but holy wow.

For spring I will probably be wearing my elderly but beloved black fleece peacoat. I got that from a store called Girlfriends LA forever ago (seriously more than 7 years) and I have yet to find another one that I love as much as it.

AND my solution to my boots problem.

I am getting these Dr. Martens Women's 1B60 Boot. which you'll notice are the same as my Burgundy ones but in Black.

They are a lot pricier than I wanted originally but I know that I can lace docs to fit properly, I know they will last me a hundred years and I love Docs.

This is where I say that as cheap as I am, I will absolutely invest in a good pair of boots because I love them so much.

I have to buy some new bras so my little savings fund for boots will take a hit because I also save for good bras.

Now this is where I turn to you my homies.

Boob having homies have you bought bras from Fashion Bug? I was in the store not too long ago and they had some super cute bras but I'm hesitant in case they aren't built super well.

Also what are your favorite bra features?

I have to confess that I have a terrible fondness for bras with doodads between the boobs. Little hanging charms, or other shiny bits.

Okay that's enough fatty fashion for today.

Tomorrow advice for our divorcee homie AND bonus sex talk.


Homo Out.


Lady Jaye said...

I love the look of Docs, but I have a hard time breaking them in. I used to have a soft green 8-eyelet pair that eventually died when the stitching on one sole gave way. :( I replaced them with another 8-eyelet pair, this time in burgundy.

However, I should break them in by wearing them for a bit at home. They're not stretched yet and give me blisters. At least, with the combats you don't have the problem of the edge of the boot poking into the ankle...

Michelle said...

I bought bras at Fashion Bug a few years ago. It didn't take long for them to develop problems with the underwire popping out and poking me in the armpit. However, they are the cutest bras I've ever owned, and I would consider buying more or trying to repair the ones I have (which I can't bring myself to throw out) if I ever date someone who cares about such things. (For me, it takes some of the fun out of cute underthings when the person who gets to see them doesn't give a damn.) They also sold me the only strapless bra that fits me and doesn't give me duckbill boobs. So I wouldn't say it's a bad place to buy bras, but don't expect durability.

TropicalChrome said...

Favorite bra features:

1. they fit me.
2. Soft fabric. There are a lot of soft but strong fabrics out there and I hate hard itchy stuff.
3. No "torpedo boobs". Why is it that so many manufacturers think women over a certain size want to be pointy enough to poke someone's eye out?
4. A narrow/low bridge (that fabric in front between the cups). At my size many bras only have a ridiculously wide bridge that comes up nearly to my collarbone (ok, that's an exaggeration) and is massively uncomfortable for the way I'm built. I would love to find a real plunge for fashions where that's necessary.

witchyvixen said...

LOL People tell you to wear more color? Beg pardon? Black and grey ARE colors.

I love all your outfits, but I am seriously crushing on the burgundy Docs.

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