Friday, January 22, 2010

Trust me.

Today is _blank:>Blog for Choice day and this years theme speaks to me.

First off I am Pro Choice.

This does not mean I'm anti family, anti life, am enamored of abortion or anything.

It means (there are so few things in life I can say this about) that I am for people having the option to choose for themselves.

This year's question is, What does Trust Women mean to you?

Trust Women-

I don't believe that abortion is a matter of trust and I don't believe it's a matter of state. I believe it's a matter of personal choice.

Of personal morality.

It's personal.

While I have never (thankfully) been in a position where I had to decide whether or not to have an abortion I can tell you that is not a decision I want made by people I don't know.

It's not a decision I would want made by a church or the legislature.

It's not a decision I would want to have to negotiate with strangers.

That's it.

I honestly at this point don't have anymore hugely researched arguments.

I plain do not want deicisions of this kind of magnitude to be made for me by people I don't know.

So trust women, trust me.

Trust that I am a contributing member of society with a brain I put to good use.

Trust that I know what my set of morals calls for.

Trust that I don't need to be safeguarded from myself and my decisions by strangers.

What I do want to be protected from is harassment when I take care of myself.

I do want to make sure that if I or someone I know does decide to get an abortion that it can be done in a safe manner.

I do want the right to make decisions about my reproductive health in safety and privacy.

Trust me.

Trust women.

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Homo Out.

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Anonymous said...

Well said and I agree with you on all counts.

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