Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Loves and awesome.

I have been reading Amanda Palmer's blog for awhile but this post today put me over the edge into the love. I really dig how she expresses herself.

Speaking of people I think are delightful let's have some links shall we?

Not all of these have anything to do with each other and I'm pulling names from my RSS reader.

Dennis Cooper. He's an author whom I am inordinately fond. I've read most of his books, I read his blog. I kinda would like to spend some time talking about boys over coffee.

I also love the ladies at Pixiewoo. Make up artist sisters who not only do some really amazing youtube tutorials but both of them are very talented and charming. Go watch and read.

$pread Magazine the magazine by and for sex workers. I really suggest reading it even if you're not a sex worker it's good stuff.

Note- I started this last week. I got sick -again- which I'm fairly certain is a direct result of me not sleeping so much. My body has gone on strike and is currently waving a flag with the symbols for snot and fuck you on it.

To continue.

I also think you all should go check out Hazel Dooney. she is an artist whom I've got a bit of a girlcrush on. I've mentioned her before but her work seriously does things in my head. I think about her work at odd times, I don't always like it but I always think about it and that makes me very happy.

Speaking of people whom I'm pretty ass over tea kettle in teh loves with I come to Kate Bornstein.

I was a senior in high school when Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us
came out and I bought a copy with hard earned telemarketing dollars and that book was one of the first I read that seriously changed my entire universe and perception of my own thoughts.

You guys I don't even know how to explain how serendipitous and beautiful it was for me to read her book. I HAD to see that other people questioned gender and holy fucking shit.

Moving on, I found Kate on twitter and started following her. It wasn't too long before I sent her a little declaration of my undying loves and when I catch her I say goodnight and call her a special name that makes her smile and that is so wonderful for me.

Y'all don't even know.

Another lady I am terribly -terribly- fond of in the I'd like to frolic with and try to figure out how it is we share SO many weird random things in common is Miss Mollena. In my adult life and being that I fly my freak flag high and proud it has not been incredibly easy for me to meet other women of color who also fly their freak flags and finding her has been wonderful. I want to snorgle the fuck out of her and then have cupcakes.

Next up writers and other enjoyers of the smut, I give you Remittance Girl. I really love her writing. She's smart and charming and funny and has used one of my favorite words ever on twitter and I do enjoy that. No seriously go read her blog. Right now.

Now how about some really awesome fucking art? My homie Cris makes some really astonishingly beautiful art. Go. Drool. Love her. She writes pretty well too.

And how about some more hotness?

Yes thank you.

Dangerous Lilly. I think she is pretty fucking awesome. All those things that make me go a little quivery, smart funny and her writing is damn fine. Go. Read. Thank me later.

I also love me some Essin Em. She is sweet and smart and yes...more hotness. She is a sexypants aweseomface.

One more AAG. She makes me laugh, her sexy entries are yes very sexy. And yes, she too is teh HOTNESS.

Okay I'm getting tired.

Well more tired.

I'm waiting for my cold drugs to kick in.

Serious posting will resume once I don't feel like canned ass.

I love you guys.

Remember to be nice to yourselves and each other. Don't be too shy to love folks to the point you feel like a big dorkface.

Tomorrow hopefully some amusing tidbits from a conversation I had recently about whether or not I'm actually a fatass.

Now....leave me some links darlings.

Show me who or what you're loving right now.

And feel free to pimp your stuff here show me what you're working with.

Now I'm going to go have a bath, snog Uniballer and hopefully sleep the sleep of the righteously sedated.

Homo Out

PS..also I will explain for new folks the whole Homo Out thing.

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