Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A formidable but pointless question.

So I've been sitting on a group of questions supposedly sent by three different people from mysteriously the same IP each within about two minutes of each other.

Now aside from the same IP etc etc I realized right away that these are supposed to shame me and/or upset me and I debated just deleting the bullshit but, what the hell.

Basically this person wants to know/inform me that I only gave up things like a vegetarian/vegan diet, the Atkins diet etc because I am somehow morally inferior to people who stick it out.

Since this person put these things in the framework of why I would stop doing these things I'm going to talk about it from that point of view without acknowledging the condescension.

I will be talking about things like pooping, menstrual periods etc so if you are grossed out by those things skip today's entry and go look at puppies.

First thing.

I was a vegetarian then a strict vegan for all together about five years. I was fully invested in the idea that eating that way was better for me and would somehow make my life better. The short answer is that no it did not. Here is the long answer.

Among the many issues I had with a vegetarian diet was that I could barely afford to eat good food. At the time I probably was only making about 11K per year and between rent, bills and transportation I did not have a lot left over. Most of the time I had to eat cheap not that nutrient rich veggies and started to suffer from malnutrition.

I'm going to stop there with the details. I've said this shit ad nauseum.

The fact is that certain types of diets fuck with my physical well being in ways that I do not like.

The big problems I've had with various weightloss diets and "healthy" diets were:

Constipation- that is a huge deal breaker for me when it comes to my health. I do not approve of being constipated at all. Not being able to poop makes me really cranky and makes my guts hurt.

Low blood sugar issues- Among those issues there were fits of temper, brown outs, being unable to concentrate at work for hours on end.

Worse insomnia- I cannot sleep on low blood sugar at all. And being that I already have horrendous insomnia this does not fucking cut it.

Skin problems- I noticed particularly doing both Atkins and eating a strict vegan diet no matter how hydrated I was my skin did not look good. It was lackluster and unhealthy looking.

Immune system difficulties- being that my body was weakened by these diets I got sick a lot. Not only sick but where I might normally just have the sniffles I was getting full blown long lasting colds etc and I really could not afford it.

So the bottom line is that my changing how I ate or quitting certain diets was a matter of some moral failing or lack of willpower. For me it was a matter of being what? Healthy.

As I sit here being a fatass who by the standard arbitrary calculations (BMI mostly) should drop dead at any second am probably at least 60% healthier than I was when Iw as a.)thinner and b.)dieting.

I am not going to sacrifice my well being in order to be thin or even thinner for the most part.

I am not going to walk around in a low blood sugar can't poop rage filled haze so I can look like what too many people think looks healthy.

Currently if we are going to go on looks I look healthy.

My skin is not dull, it is pretty awesome. My hair is shiny. My nails are strong. My hair is not falling out. I have pretty regular periods. If looks are the measure of health so many people think they are, fat aside I look pretty damn healthy.

The issues I take with this kind of mentality are these.

First of all there is no one size fits all health. There was not sixty years ago, there is not now. What makes one person fit healthy and happy may make another one sick or even kill them.

What I mean is this.

Let's say that you are a slim athletic person who does a lot of running and you eat a varied mainly vegetarian diet.

Got it?

Now you are healthy, you are super healthy fit and in shape. You are super awesome.

Let's make up another person who is pretty close to you. Someone with the same build, and the same eating habits. This person runs and finds out that they have say anemia which is exacerbated by a diet low in red meat and that that all of that running causes them to do cartilage damage to their knees.

Now let's say that the two of you have the same diet and habits for a period of four years at the end of which Doctor somebody performs diagnostic tests on both of you to check your health levels. You are doing great. Doctor Somebody tells you that you are wonderful and healthy. Person B isn't doing so well.

Now if person B stops running and changes their diet to a more carnivorous based diet and instead of running starts doing yoga does that suddenly make person B some kind of failure?

Should person B keep doing things that are harming them in the long run in order to keep their body looking the same way?

Is that decision really any of your business?

Is this a possible scenario?

Yeah it is.

It is because human beings are incredibly diverse despite the fact that we all have more or less the same inner workings. The clockworks are the same but how those clockworks function at an optimal level for each individual person is, yes highly individual.

Second big issue.

As I've stated time and again appearance does not equal a visible read on the the health picture of a person.

For instance. Someone I like very much on a personal level has an illness that is sometimes visible (as in sometimes she has issues with mobility and may be using a cane or be in a wheel chair and sometimes not),now despite how she may look day to day, her level of health is not changing in a way that you can point at her one day and say OH HAHAAAAAAA Ms Plucky Handicapable Lady*(I say this tongue in cheek and so she will probably know who she is, I'm pretty sure she will) look you don't need a cane today YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY YER WELL.

Um..no not really.

Just looking at this lady will not tell you what's going on in her body any more than looking at me will tell you what's going on inside mine. You don't have superpowers, you don't have some kind of OH SHIT YER GUNNA DIE vision.

And my last point here is that really it's none of your goddamn business.

It is not your business what the lady with the taut buttocks of might in running tights jogging down the street eats or how she exercises or what health issues she might have.

Just as it's not any of your damn business what the fat lady in the kick ass outfit walking down the street eats or how she exercises or what her health issues she might have.

Other human beings are not all here strictly for your visual amusement.

You not liking my appearance give you no special rights. It gives you no special power it gives you nothing.

There is a wonderful thing about life. You do not have to want to screw everyone you see and those people don't have to care whether you want to screw them or not.

You do not have to like looking at fat people. You can not look at them if you don't want to.

IF you are so wrapped up in your own ideas about attractiveness and what is okay in your life that you feel that everyone must conform to that and in order to get them to conform you are going to shame them or hate them as I have said before I don't believe you.

And that's all I've got to say about it today.

Homo Out.

Also I got an update from the Dude reader who wants advice and that is coming up tomorrow. Also finally an explanation of my exit line.

Homo Really Out.

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Katy said...

Hi Shannon
I just wanted to say I am constantly astounded by your gracious manner in the face of wanton arseholery! Please keep up the good work x

Also, I had a thought re: your essay store. I wondered if you had considered moving your blog to your own website and having a free section and a subscription-only section? So rather than paying to read an individual essay, people paid a monthly fee to access extra material? Personally, I would find that much more appealing than having to pay for each bit of writing separately, and for you, it's a regular, more predicatble income...
Love Katy

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