Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Questions and answers cause it's my birfday.

It's my birthday today I've collected some questions that are indeed a little random and I reworded some of them to fit what I'm working with brain power wise today, so here we go. Random questions about your hostess. If you have more questions drop by the ask Nudiemuse form or leave em in the comments.

First question one of our homies would like to know what kind of shoes I like.

Well I really LOVE all sorts of shoes but for practical purposes I like to wear stompy boots, cute flats and the occasional pair of low heels. Because of my knee problems I haven't worn really high heels (despite a lingering lust for them) in a really long time. Any shoes I buy must be comfortable because I don't own a car so I'm on the hoof a lot.

Next up- what kind of exercise do you enjoy? Asked by reader N.

Well my homie, my two favorite forms of exercise are walking and dancing. I have loved to dance since I was in pre-school and taking jazz and tap classes. I love it. Dancing makes me feel joyful and good inside. And I love to walk because I enjoy getting places under my own steam at my own pace.

I'm not super into exercise classes or going to the gym. Frankly I hate going to gyms. I want to do my thing and be left alone, I don't want to listen to other people grunting and sweating it's just not my bag.

Currently most days I walk on average 3-4 miles give or take a half mile or two. I bellydance when I can but my knee situation has made bellydance practice rather impractical so I've cut back.

This is a good question- Are there naked pictures of you on the internet?

Honestly there may be there may not be. Naked pictures of me exist, I posed for some, some are snapshots etc. Are they on the internets? Maybe.

I don't really care. None were money making ventures so whatevs.

HOWEVER-if I can find one of the black and white shots Uniballer took a few years ago I will post one. I'm not sure if it's around anywhere or not.

Next question- Can you sing? If so can we hear you singing?

Yes I can. I am not a power singer, I do not have a huge voice. I have a scratchy natural tenor. If you're not musically inclined I've got more of a dude range than a typical lady range.

If you happen to catch me in the wilds of Seattle or on vacation somewhere there may be karaoke.


A regular reader wants to know why I don't have a big comment policy.

Reason number one is I don't get that many comments in general. Reason number two is that if you are reading here you can say whatever you want, the only real policy I have is the promise that even if I dig you and think you're cool, if you say something stupid or problematic I will probably need to say something.

Furthermore, if you are making public comments and showing your ass either with or without a name do I really need to delete that?

I don't think I do.

Have I gotten hateful comments? Yes. Have I gotten private notes with everything from poorly spelled racial slurs to ZOMG FAT BITCH type things? Yes. Occasionally yes these things hurt my feelings but on the other hand I feel like I must've struck some sort of nerve to piss someone off that much and that's okay.

I will delete things that are plain spam. But really say what you want just don't expect to be lauded or make me cry because you're probably not going to.

If you are going to troll let me tell you a few things. I am not going to GTFO the internets because some anonymous person hates me because I'm black, fat, queer, weird, verbose or whatever other reason. There are few things anyone can say to me on the internet that has not already been said to my face. So no I'm not going to have a massive breakdown. You keep on doin what you're doin' I'll keep on doin what I'm doin and everything will be fine.

Also one last little note, if you're going to troll from a specific link use an anonymizer unless you want me to see what you and your homies are saying. I know how to use analytics and in that process analyze backlinks.

Next up someone wants to know or rather explain to me the following:

Why don't you just admit that you're fat because of the way you live?

Well my lifestyle is not what it appears you think it is. This is for several reasons:
First one is that I do not own a car at all. Thus I do not drive at all and walk a lot. How much is a lot? I have a spreadsheet I kept for a two month span last Winter where I wore a pedometer every day and on average for those two months (where because of the weather I walked less than I would if the weather was nicer) I walked 5-7 miles a day all told.

Now that figure does not account for days where I am running around at work a lot or days when I miss a bus and decide to go for a walk rather than stand around and wait for another one.

I would like to be able to do more dedicated exercise that I enjoy. Belly dance etc but, I do have fatigue and joint issues that make that difficult.

Also, you may be shocked but I don't really eat that much. I have some problems making sure that I eat regularly and eat enough in a day. I am not now nor have I ever been a binge eater, I don't really emotionally eat. While I do love food, I honestly forget to eat sometimes until I don't feel well and that's not good.

Because I don't eat enough all the time I am very careful abut making sure I take a good vitamin. I drink a lot of water because it makes me feel good and helps my skin look good. I'm not a huge soda drinker. I like some junk food on occasion. All told my dietary habits as a whole are pretty good and work pretty well for me.

After looking at my habits in regards to food and exercise it seems pretty clear to me that this is my body's happy size. Yep, my set point. It takes extremely drastic measures to cause changes in my body size up or down and those are not things I'm really into doing so, I will stay this fat for the foreseeable future.

So I'm admitting it, my regularly exercised, well hydrated and well nourished body is the reason I'm still fat.

There you go.

Okay I think that's enough for now. I will leave you my homies with this.

At 33 I can say with full confidence that life is too short to spend fucking with other peoples happy.

And I love you guys. I love you homies, haters, lurkers and passers by.

Homo Out.

PS...ffffffffuuuuuuuuuck I forgot to explain the Homo Out thing. Maybe tomorrow.

PPS..my essay shop is still nominally open. I was not pleased with my plan and haven't been promoting it. But if you would like to get an essay click here, then if you do buy one or all of them, make sure you click RETURN TO MERCHANT on the payment page to get your downloads. If you don't get them in a timely manner email me and i will get you the link as soon as I see your mail.


Joanne said...

Happy birthday!

I want to say I don't comment very much, but! I love reading you BECAUSE you are black, fat, queer, weird, verbose and many other equally awesome things. Keep bein' you, because you do it better and beautifuller than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday indeed! Hope you dance and frolic throughout the year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I just wanted to add another voice to the list of people who read you precisely because of you who you are

Twistie said...

(toots noisemaker, flails with happy)

Joyous birthday, you wonderful black, fat, queer, weird, verbose lady!

(hands you virtual birthday cake in your favorite flavor, natch)

Huge smooches on your natal day!

wriggles said...

I hope you party like it's your birthday, because it is.

Happy birthday.

maggiemunkee said...

hoppy birfy!!! :D

JeninCanada said...

Hippo birdy to you!

Haddayr said...

oh noes I missed your birthday!

Happy belated birthday, you beautiful thing you.

Piffle said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

3/16 is my birthday too!
I just found your blog today, or I would have noted this a week ago.

Have a fun week!

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