Friday, March 05, 2010


Just some randomness.

First thing is I may or may not be migrating to word press or something due to Blogger discontinuing to support FTP.

Not super soon because I have to run a backup which I can't do until my computer at home is fixed.

Next thing: I've been using the form spring. Find it here and ask me stuff.

Heather Corinna is doing a study on casual sex and you should go take it. Find it here.

Dirty man extraordinaire Twisted Monk posted this little tidbit the other day and I must admit it made me tingly. Non explicit and still some sexy words.

Uuum...what else?

OH go read this right now. No seriously go read it.

Now I just had the nicest little moment.

As you may or may not know I cannot braid my hair. I can do plaits but not cornrows and it's something that bugs me.

So I learned how to do flat twists.

Wait let me start further back.

I bought myself a fancy maxiglide flat iron for christmas because I would like to master the skill of flat ironing my hair now that it's getting longer. My hair is relaxed but I retained a lot of texture (on the hair forums we say texlaxed) and I've been wanting to learn to be a little more diverse with my hair.

Picture time.

When I don't straighten my hair in anyway usually it looks about like this when I take my hair down at night to detangle and moisturize.


My hair is highly multi textured everything from regular Black girl naps in spots to silky waves in spots.

I love it.

Now last weekend I flat ironed as I mentioned. it was my second time using my maxiglide and I used low heat and didn't get it super straight but I dig it.

This was my hair Monday night after I took my bun down.


Fluffy awesome.

So this week I've been wearing my usual buns and last night while I was playing with my hair. NO really for the first time in my life I cannot keep from touching my hair. It's so soft and healthy and fluffy. I love getting down to my scalp where my new growth is and exploring the textures.

I got my hair parted down the middle and gave myself two chunky imperfect flat twists.

A lovely coworker just said my hair looks really pretty and okay I admit I felt a little puffed up.

This is new to my thirties but for the first time in my adult life my love of my hair shows and I am very into it.

I will probably do a why this is important for this black lady post later but goddamn it it felt nice.

Also while on the way to work a lady I see now and then stopped to tell me that while I was standing in a sunny spot on the sidewalk my hair was glowing and it looked awesome.

That is the henna at work. In sunlight my hair is a mix of varigated browns, auburns and reds. My ONE beautiful white hair sparkles in the sun like a piece of copper.

Speaking of my one white hair.

My birthday is approaching and I have to say that aging so far is kinda fucking awesome.

I am excited about my white hairs. My pubes started going salt and pepper when I was about 24 so that's not as exciting since I am no longer in the business of showing people my pubes.

I FINALLY figured out how to take care of my extremely oily skin and for the first time in my life my skin isn't constantly broken out or irritated. This is a huge deal for me.

Granted I still get carded when I buy cigarettes or booze but I've learned to deal.

This is really random yes I know.

If my computer at home is fixed expect some squeeing because I am declaring it SKIRT TIME!!!!

Fuck pants.

Fuck wearing pants.

Fuck buying pants.

Fuck Pants.

I also just found out that you can create a Target wishlist on line did you guys know that?

That way I can make a list of the essentials that I need and love then purchase them.

In case you're curious about my Target loves you can see my list here. Questions? Do you have some of those items?

Feel free to ask me stuff. Comment about something on the list if it's crappy and you know it.

Um..yeah I'm losing steam.

My brain is in fiction writing and the liminal universe here is not holding my attention.

Also someone remind me next week to explain my sign off. It's a funny story.

Homo Out.

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