Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good lord.

I've been reading some news articles around the internets lately and I am reminded why I don't read comments.

I have seen a trend.

Fat person makes a point, reading comprehension goes to hell and there is a circle jerk of fat hate, stupidity and ad hominem attacks wrapped in the thinnest veils of being a "devils advocate" or voice of reason or whatever.

I just do not understand why it is so difficult to take in the idea that there is no one for everyone HEALTH

At some point, SOME point can we stop making comparisons between the human biodiversity and let's say other animal biodiversity?

One glance at a city street and the idea that since there isn't that much difference in the natural world of animals (the there's no fat animals argument) there can't be in humans is pretty much busted when you have a gander at the varying eye, fur (hair), skin colors in the human animal.

If humans are not supposed to be biodiverse, we would all look like X and then we could say that yes, none of us is supposed to be or might naturally be fat.

So can we stop with that already? Seriously.

Also, when it comes to discussing fat and body size why WHY do conversations often turn into I lost eleventy billion pounds drinking unicorn pee and snorting glitter so everyone can do it, then people pat the glitter snorter on the back and turn to the fat person and say, "well X did it why can't you?"

As has been proven by better scientists* than I, not one thing works for every body. If it did, then wouldn't EVERYONE fucking agree on the one special thing?

Even a casual look at the five million diets available should tell even the lay person that hrm, maybe these things aren't a magical panacea.

I will also say that if you (you as in diet shills) tell me all I have to do to change my fat ass is to do that often repeated formula of less calories in, more calories burned and I too will no longer be a fat ass and then I find out that you sell skanky "diet" supplements, I'm not going to respect anything you say.

As so many anti fat commenters around the web are fond of caterwauling about, where's the common sense?

Now being that I have met all kinds of people, ALL kinds of people with all kinds of bodies it is common sense to me that what's good for me, might not be good for them and that's okay.

That's okay even if it means they have different bodies than I do.

I still say if you are that concerned about the health of other people, you'd shut it and listen.

Pay attention to what they are saying and treat them with a modicum of kindness and respect since that's generally how one treats people one cares for.

If you have the privilege of being a super fit, thin person who can buy whatever they want to and can do everything, take a second to realize that not everyone is walking in your tight ass having pants.

That is to say, we (as in the HUGE global we) are not you.

It's okay for me not to be you. No really it is okay.

Honestly, seeing these things has reminded me why I don't read comments on news stories.

I leave you with that my homies.

Consider this an official notice from the Dowager Empress of All Fatassia herself that Nudiemuse is on hiatus while I do some coding.



Wish me luck.

Hope I am not at any point reduced to angry tears and hand flapping (no really when I get frustrated my first reaction is usually hand flapping) and then yelling.

I will return with a post with my new internets address home.

I love you homies and haters. I do hope you join me when I rehome myself with a blogging platform that doesn't suck.

Homo Out.

*Your hostess is not an actual scientist good or otherwise.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

I am currently at the very low end of the so-called "healthy" BMI and I am damn thin and know damn well that my size is not anything remotely realistic for anyone NOT naturally my size to try to achieve (but I do have that HORRIBLE cellulite and love handles and shit which is of course my own lazy ass fault *eyeroll*).
Also, there was little difference between me as underweight and me as "healthy."

Um, right, this post is awesome and I agree with you 100%. Facts and sense don't work with these folks at all, it seems.

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