Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interestingly enough.

Just a few things today.

First thing I have new fiction up.

Sex and Murder magazine picked up my story Murder Room. It was edited by a good friend and I am very proud of that bit of smutty nonsense.

Also, despite the banging ass migraine I have I am I am very excited about drinking delicious Numi Tea.

And let's call this an open post shall we?

Shoe me links, talk amongst yourselves.

Let me share some links with you guys that I am loving right now.

Not totally safe for work:

Rachel Kramer Bussel posted all of her book trailers and they are fucking haaaaaaaaaaawt. Do I need to mention again that I have a terrible lady crush on her?

Really fantastic photos over at Haute Macabre. I love that entry.

Go wish hotness Sinclair over at Sugarbutch a happy anniversary.

Crystal Renn has really pretty pubic hair. Also I dig her bein nekkid. Via Styleite.

Now it's time for more drugs for me and I leave you with some music to bootyshake to.

And yes that is a prime directive people.

Shake it shake it shake it shake it. (Feel free to imagine me chanting that if it helps)


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