Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I'm still in the process of redesigning and getting ready to relaunch but seriously a few things new readers should know.

I'm fat.

Yes, fat.

As these things go I'm smaller end fat or so. I don't know what the actual averages are anymore but I am fat.

So don't be shocked if I say fat a lot, or refer to myself as fat a lot cause yeah, fat.

OH right I almost forgot.

For my relaunch just so you know I am going to have a page of affiliate stuff etc because there are some programs I hand picked because I like them BUT I really don't want you folks to feel compelled to shop through them. They are just recommendations and if I get a few pennies I'm good. Those will be on their own whole wee page.

And here's where y'all come in. I need links. I want to link to lots of different bloggers and I already have quite a list but I always want more.

So bring it my darlings. Show me your blogs, blogs you love, etc etc. Give them all to me.

I'm also going to feature beauty links to companies I'm really into, beauty blogs etc.

AND of course there will be the sexy, OH YES TEH SEXY.

Hopefully if I do this right I will have a post here to indicate my new intertubes home AND my domain name will forward.

Please don't ask why I am so hell bent on doing it myself I don't know. I just am.


Ready GO GO GO GO GO..fling links, show me stuff.

I've got some for y'all too.

First some fashion links.

I'm really kind of obsessed with a few things for Spring/Summer including-

I Love this style of sandal with the almost naked food. There is something about the leg bare with the almost naked foot that I think is terribly sexy.

Also a good shape for me because I have little wonky chicken toes and strappy sandals make my poor wee ugly pinkie toes hurt.

Can we talk about Target for a second?

Being the size I am I have the privilege of being able to jam it into stretchy Jrs sizes XL/XXL most of the time. And given my budget I love Targets summer stuff.

I plan on hopefully picking up a couple of these dresses. I love the shape, I love the fabric. Comfy and cheap. AND my homies I suggest trying some on. If you're a smaller busted up to an 18-20 they could work for you.

My other favorite thing from target are the Long and Lean tanks. They are long enough that I believe they will fit a number of sizes depending on how you like em to fit. For a tighter fit I like a size L for a looser fit I get the XXL. These are low priced and cheap enough that even if they don't fit perfectly they are excellent for layering.

Being that I don't have a big fashion budget, I can't afford most plus size retailers and get in where I fit in.

OH that reminds me.


So in my continued search for a pair of replacement plain black not denim boot cut pants I snagged a pair of Old Navy Perfect Khaki's at Goodwill in a size 14.

Now if you've been playing along at home I've already learned that the size 16 low rise fit under the bellybutton in the waistband but leave my poor ass just swimming. Even my big hams are swimming and the fit made me sad.

I figured the 14's would be perfect.

Well, from just under the actual waistband they do fit perfectly. Make my ass look all round and cute, fit the hams but the waistband itself lacks about a quarter of an inch of stretch that would make it fit perfectly.

I could be really upset but I just kind of shake my head and laugh a little. This is fairly absurd.

For next fall/winter I'm going to rely on the pull on pants sort and save myself all this bullshit.


Remember my homies, give me your links and words of encouragement as I get ready to move to wordpress. Have any sage advice? Hit me with it.

I love you guys.

Homo Out.


Essin' Em said...

Glad to see you're redesigning and being all fancy like.

Target is so hit or miss for me. Their stuff usually fits my waist and thighs, but not my hips or boobs. Le sigh. And of course, their swimsuits, which I desperately need, don't come in size XXL :(

Oh, by the way, I'm fat :)

Joanne said...

Links, oh here's one I'd love to share with you. This is one of my favorite blogs for sheer reading pleasure:



JeninCanada said...

I have a couple of links I'd like to share! :)

The first one is my very own FA blog www.fatandnotafraid.viviti.com

The second is a group blog/project at www.fiercefatties.com

The third is www.shakesville.com , one of the most, probably THE most, awesome blogs on the web. Covers fat, feminism, current events, politics, etc. Its' made of WIN.

Brickhouse said...

Fatta-ta-datta-dat 'n all dat! Enjoying your post as always, so I'm glad I get to share my blog, Brickhouse with you. Fat fun, fashion, and oddities - because I'm eccentric like that. I also dig our sister blog Plus Noir for gothy, punky goodness.

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