Friday, May 21, 2010

Anon CrabbyPants gets a response.

I am having some epic stomach problems lately.


I can deal with a lot of various ills and pains but when something is wrong in the state of my digestion I get freaked out. I'm finally feeling better but ugh.

So right oh.

I got a random ass note about this entry from quite awhile back.

Now either this person hadn't read my blog before or something but I have been informed that the pictures there (and on my flickr) are absolute proof positive that I am "not fat at all" and should summarily be removed from all fat feeds etc.


First of all I take you way less seriously being that you did not give a name, a real email address nor did you make a comment publicly.

I do hope if you have been reading for awhile (and let me note here that I do see that you spent an awful lot of time reading here recently) let's clear up a couple of things.

You whomever you are not the arbiter of who is or isn't fat.

I don't fucking know you.

And I don't have to be fucking nice to you.

Quite frankly if you feel so strongly go complain to those who build the feeds. No go ahead I'll wait.

While you're off doing that let's get a few other things straight.

If you are going to make a visual judgment let's take a few things into account.

I am overall a kinda small person. I am 5'3" or so, short legged, I have small hands, wrists and feet, small ankles. Parts of me are built rather daintily and always have been. I have chubby little toes, chubby knees and round chubby arms.

On the other hand parts of me are built more robustly.

I have broad shoulders, large collarbones (which I will return to in a minute) and big thighs.

Now the collarbones thing.

That was one of the things you Anonymous Crabbypants pointed to as proof of just how not fat I am.

My collarbones are big. Even with probably another twenty pounds on my frame you can still make them out fairly well and when I am thinner, holy whoa collar bones.

That's just how my particular body is made.

Now as I'm looking at some pictures of myself and yeah, I'm a fatty.

Am I upset that you don't think I'm really fat?

Not really.

The fact is no matter how anti smaller fatty you are, fat bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I would suggest that you get over yourself.

Now if y'all will excuse me I need to eat.

I'm also ruminating on some of the stuff Marianne and Lesley talked about on Fatcast. Go listen we'll talk about it later.

Homo Out.


Haddayr said...

Your patience with anonymous assholes astounds me.

Who in her right mind would accuse someone who has repeatedly blogged about how random people tell her that all of her health problems would be fixed if she only lost weight that she is "not fat enough?"

omg fuck HER.

And the person who says you're beating us over the head with your blackness?

You can beat me with your mighty hammer of blackness anytime, babe.


Seriously, though. Some dumb-ass shit who is offended because you look at your heritage thoughtfully is an oxygen thief.

I would bet, 99%, that the person is white.

It reminds me of the time I was standing behind a Hmong woman who was all decked out in finery (it must have been New Year?) in line at the grocery store. Standing there quietly, shining in her gold-jeweled, embroidered magnificence.

And the white woman behind _her_ turned to me, shaking so hard with rage that I feared she would drop her basket.

"Why do they DO that?" she demanded. "Why do they have to DRESS like that?"

I was so afraid of the unhinged person that I just averted my eyes and prayed to St. Brigid that the woman couldn't understand English.

I'm pretty sure she could understand dirty looks, though.

White people who are offended that others dare to immerse themselves in/discuss/NOTICE their own cultures nauseate and depress me. And yes, sometimes scare me, as in the case of this woman.

She was considerably smaller than me, but I was deeply afraid she was going to attack someone and hurt them very badly.

witchyvixen said...

OMG Haddayr, are you SERIOUS? That is honestly disturbing. I would have been staring at the Hmong woman, but only because I would have been fascinated and delighted with a chance to see something so beautiful and different from what I am used to.

Sometimes I wonder if white people like that are not so much offended as they are jealous. She was probably upset that her only clothing option to express her "heritage" was a bland twinset in a neutral color with a sensible skirt and penny loafers. Hell, I'd be pissed too. LOLOL

Ah man, now I feel bad that I'm bashing on twinset ladies. Pardon my snark. Some of us just don't have the fashion courage or the inclination to be (ahem) colorful.

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