Monday, May 10, 2010


After my last two entries I got a lengthy anonymous note from someone who's greatly upset with me.

After I untangled some of the outrage I figured out that this person is angry with me because I a.) pointedly discussed developing and figuring out my identity as a Black Person and b.) that I am apparently "bashing people over the head with my race".


Being that this person did not leave a name or email address I'm going to assume a few things.

1.) I'm going to assume that you are not a regular reader. Those posts were not the first time I have discussed Blackness specifically.

2.) You did not really read what I said.

Or contrarily I can assume that you are:

1.) A Black person who did not have the same experience of Blackness as I did.

2.) You did not really read what I said.

The fact is that I am not nor have I ever claimed to be some sort of Black Folks spokesperson. There is no United Negro Memo list wherein all us Black folks are informed of what we collectively are supposed to experience or portray as our experiences.

Sorry to disappoint but I am not Queen of all Black Folks.

Now I was going to write you off as a troll but that took awhile to type up so I won't say troll.

I will say that I pushed your buttons.

I'm not going to apologize for upsetting you because I don't take responsibility for my life upsetting other people that way. That's not really my issue if you have a problem with how I explore/talk about/experience my Blackness this is not your litterbox so you don't get to say what I do or don't talk about.

If you feel that strongly about it start your own blog and have at it.

Now being that I'm of the opinionated sort I've got a few more Black Lady posts planned.

These topics are going to include my hair (redux yo), being black fat and queer, etc.

The fact is that now that I am 33 I finally realized a few things that I wish I had realized when I was 23. So I would like to consider these posts a love letter to the past me and a love letter to other girls and women and people who might be feeling some of the same things.

At some point over the weekend I was really thinking about my previous two posts and realized that part of my work in this lifetime is (and I've realized this before but never in quite this way) to be a window.

What I mean is that I am in a unique position to be of service and help to other people without breaking my bank or over taxing myself in ways that are not healthy or me.

Looking back at my life, especially between the ages of let's say 12 and 22 I wish I had access back then to people who have been through some of these things. To people who thought weird things and could talk about them. I think that would have been invaluable.

So now I want to be that resource for someone to google up at some point and maybe feel like it's okay.

So yeah more of that coming up.

Tomorrow though, more health medical talk after a conversation with some lady claiming to be a weightloss expert approached me while I was waiting for the bus today.

Oh yes, there will be snark and head shaking.

Stay tuned my homies.

OH PS...

HUGE thing. If you've been playing along at home you know that I have had some allergy issues this year like whoa. I have been miserably itchy and angry.

Turns out it was the fancypants bodywash I was using. I switched to some Johnson and Johnson babywash (in vanilla oatmeal specifically) and holy fucking SHIT I WIN.



So my homies if you are having sensitive and/or dry skin issues try baby wash. Seriously.

Okay must to be going now I have tea to drink and pills to take because my knees are being douchebags.

Homo Out.


TabbyCat said...

Shannon, I love you. No, seriously. I really, really love you, so much. Just in case people do not understand the wide diversity of Black people in America, I, too, am a Black woman, one who does not fit the mold of what black women are supposed to be. And often, I read Shannon's blog because it gives me some peace to know that there is a black woman out there who I can relate to. I mean, we could be twins, only I grew up in a Black neighborhood, went to schools with Black students, and still missed the indoctrination. And I apparently also missed that meeting where all Black folks voted to become the Borg, with Al Sharpton and company as our leaders. Personally, I really want to know who voted these people our Official Representatives of Blackness.

Anywho, Shannon, I want you to know you should rock on, continue to do you and please, please for the love of Batman, post about it. Testify to it, even.

Us misfits hear and adore you.

witchyvixen said...

I can't begin to thank you for your blog. When I started reading it I immediately locked on to the fact that I'd found something special. A voice that, while different from my own, mirrored feelings I'd always had.

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