Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's never really about your health.

I was thinking about the often repeated battle cry against fat of YOUR HEALTH IT'S ABOUT HEALTH etc and it got me to thinking.

Now we already know that I am dubious as to the motives of of the diet and weightloss industry, of the medical industry and pretty much most of those who holler the loudest about fat people.

Now let's talk about diet and weightloss gurus, programs etc.

Most weightloss and diet gurus make you feel like shit at first. They are like that boyfriend or girlfriend everyone has had at least once who calls you a bitch then tells you they love you.

"You have such a beautiful smile."

You get a happy feeling then,


They tell you that you have beautiful hair, then say it's a doggone shame how BAD YOUR FAT ASS makes your hair look.

Sound familiar?

Or they take the ever popular tough love approach. They yell and scream at you while you work out, they show you "amazing" before and after pictures. They tell you what a weakling you are if you don't do things their way.

If these people were potential mates wouldn't we be telling each other to run the fuck the other way?

So you have this person who has the answer, maybe they caught you at a vulnerable moment and you're feeling bad about yourself and lonely and afraid. So there they are, shining and greased up, rocking their fake tans and booty shorts saying YOU CAN DO IT.

Now after they get you to believe that they have your health in their interests then you find out it's how much a month? 19.95? 80? Does that include food?

The diet and weightloss industry from what I've found pulls in about 40 billion dollars a year.

That is not small potatoes. That is a lot of money.

Looking back over say the past decade, how many things can you think of that have been recalled because of health risks? How many "miracle" cures, pills, etc have been found to cause more harm than good?

How much money do you think it would take for your favorite guru to offer you the latest and greatest cure?

If these people were in fact so all consumed by the health of everyone, wouldn't they make these things accessible?

If weightloss were in fact quick easy and simple enough for everyone to do it, why would we as a culture be giving these people billions of dollars for their recipes, pills, exercise programs, sauna belts and what have you?

What you hear is that the only way you will ever be great, be thin, be happy and healthy is not to be as healthy as you personally can be, no you must buy this persons merchandise.

Thus dieting becomes not about weightloss but about making money hand over mother fucking fist and fuck the poor assholes who buy into it.

The fact is that this person who might become a hero to you doesn't give a good goddamn if you lose one pound or 150 pounds. They would probably prefer it if you lost the weight, regained it and came back.


Because they want you to pay.

I no longer believe that the diet industry gives a shit because it's become too lucrative. In my small scale experience, the more money involved the less likely real concern is likely to rear it's wee shy head.

Additionally there are so many lies.

Every single diet or weightloss related ad, look down at the bottom and there's always this:

*Results not typical.

Now if you are trying to sell me the idea that everyone can do this one thing, show me pictures of all these people who supposedly did it, how are you going to say that their results are not typical?

I don't buy it.

I don't believe that the majority of people in this industry give a damn about the health and well being of their customers. They want money and they want it now.

So the diet and weightloss industry is not about your health.

It's not about my health.

Tune in tomorrow when I talk about doctors.

I'm in a rantastic mood this week so there may be some of that as well.

Homo out.


DavitaCuttita said...

I still love your blog Nudiemuse! I've been lurking. This post was very true and straight to the point. Brilliant.

Sushispook said...

"I no longer believe that the diet industry gives a shit because it's become too lucrative. In my small scale experience, the more money involved the less likely real concern is likely to rear it's wee shy head."

Ding. In any situation where you are dealing with another party, you must consider their motives, and in this industry, it makes good bottom-line business sense for you to hate you and for them to be the one true path to happiness. Sound familiar? Sound like a cult? Sound like an abusive relationship? You fucking bet it does.

If you want to make a change, make *peace* with yourself. I know it's hard, and you don't just do it and get it done - it takes ongoing effort (holy fuck do I know). Still need a change? Then get *strong*, but don't do it to "change", because everything that makes you feel how you feel will still be there after that "change". I know, because I've been there a few times before, and I was even more miserable and self-hating on the inside because I was "supposed" to be happy. Every time I hear about someone's diet, I cringe. It reminds me of all those time I beat myself up as penance for essentially being human, and I fear I can hear the same mantra in their head - and it reminds me how the self-hate bus is right around every corner, blinking and flashing and plastered with corporate sponsorship.

Life is too short. Take care of yourself in the ways that matter. Do the things that nourish your soul. Don't hide from yourself.

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