Friday, May 28, 2010

Language and FA.

Being that my big want in life is to make a living with words I have a love and vested interest in language.

The first word (obviously) I want to talk about today is yes you guessed it fat.



Fat is a word that generally speaking is used with the caution one might use when trying not to say cunt in front of Grandma.

Fat is used as a pejorative, as the insult of insults.

If you read or listen to insults aimed at women they are likely a combo of two things:


And/or slut.

Fat slut.

Women are not supposed to (by mainstream society standards) be fat. Women must want to be fuckable to whomever sees them but, of course you aren't supposed to fuck whoever you want.

Look good and keep your legs closed.

Even if you do keep your legs closed don't look too good, or be too proud of your body because then well of course you're just being a slut.

Thus, if a woman says look I'm fat and there is no pejorative, there is no shame it's a threatening thing.

I have seen a lot of the same reactions that people have about FA that I've seen when it comes to woman led/central sex positive culture.

I remember talking to a friend probably more than a decade ago when I first discovered sex positive culture and her saying "that's just an excuse for women to be nasty sluts."

Similarly when introducing another female friend to FA and body politics she said something almost identical. Her argument was that FA as a movement was just a reason for fat pigs to be fat pigs.

I came to sex positive culture the same way I came to FA and body politics via woman oriented books and spaces and I've seen the very same things.

It saddens me honestly.

This is why I believe that FA is for everyone not just fat people. At some point no matter what your body actually looks like, someone is going to believe it is their right and place to judge it. At the base of my particular flavor of FA, this is fundamentally absolutely a no go.

I think that is a message that can benefit everyone in the world.

So for my homies who are not fat, I encourage you to fly your Fat Acceptance badge proudly.

It can all start with just one small thing. Don't call yourself or other people fat as an insult.

That's all.

If your repertoire of insults is limited to body snarking here are some suggestions from yours truly.

You can hardly go wrong with a good old fashioned, "you're an asshole"

Or my personal favorite, "you mother fucker."

Try it. You might like it.

Next week I'll get back to some other stuff.

Currently I'm trying to not want to stab myself in the knees. The weather has not been working for me and I'm incredibly achy and generally kind of upset with my health issues.

OH wait so tomorrow probably while I'm under the dryer I want to post about a theory I have about art and making art and self esteem. Don't let me forget.

Now my homies and haters, I love you. Go forth and frolic.

Homo Out.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you that "Fat" should never be in insult and women should never be judged for wanting lots of sex or little sex.

I also never noticed the contradictory standard that women should look gorgeous but never have sex. That's funny in a sick way.

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