Friday, May 14, 2010

A lil fatshion and whatnot.

Oh holy shit you guys this week has been full of pure insanity of the type that turns my brains into little more than mush.

So you get fluff with some other comment.

I want to talk about summer dresses.

I really seriously love and covet dresses.

If I could work it out in some sort of sane fashion I would populate my entire wardrobe with dresses. However, almost no matter how I cut it I can't do it captain.

These are the sorts of dresses I am in the love with for summer.

You'll notice there is a dearth of Plus size retailers here and there's a reason for that.

Now if you've read me for awhile you'll probably notice I don't always say that I am "plus sized". Frankly the majority of plus size clothing does not fit me properly.

My big issues tend to be length. LENGTH.

I am not that tall. I am 5'3" or so and if something is right above the knee or right under the knee on a 5'9" model, it's going to hit me at mid calf and that does not work with all looks.

Let's take this dress from Lane Bryant as an example. Now that model is probably at least 6-8 inches taller than I am. (We'll leave the price for later)

Proportionally that is just not going to work for me. I am a fatass who is not a tall fat ass.

Also, the way my particular body is built there are a lot of garments that do not agree with how my body is shaped. They just don't no matter what size I am.

And I've mentioned it before but I just can't afford the vast majority of plus size clothing. I saw somewhere on one of the fat feeds about saving up for an awesome item.

Personally I do think that's a great idea.

I've tried that and right now I'm kind of paying the consequences.

For me, the consequence is that I've not been able to replenish basics now I'm down to a few shirts that aren't so old and faded I'm embarassed to wear them.

So in theory a good idea to save up for something awesome like this (I DAYDREAM about that) dress from Kiyonna. I love that dress. I am positive I would wear the SHIT out of it. However even on final sale it costs, $89.00.

89 dollars.

In my little universe 89$ could get me a handful of things I have to wear daily like shirts rather than one great thing that it's not really practical for me to wear every day.

This is why I was so dissappointed about the sales posts at Fats on LJ going to a whole other community. I will be honest I felt this moment of OH SHIT what am i going to do. This happens when an avenue of keeping my ass covered in a way I find aesthetically pleasing is no longer an option.

Granted of course I understand the mods were tired of doing it and lots of other people hated them.

This is why I so often will say don't lecture me about shopping at Walmart or where ever.

If you have a wide range of choices awesome, don't piss on my parade because I don't or because I'm not going to make a big enough sacrifice to shop somewhere else.


While I'm on the subject of awesome clothes I really want to make this outfit or a good facsimile of it happen.

That is pretty much the portrait of how I would dress in the summer if my funds were not quite so limited.

However, I think I can figure out something. I have a good circly kind of knee length skirt, I need some more tanks and whatnot but if I make it happen I'll post pics.

I'm exhausted y'all.

Time to go.

If Uniballer and I go out venturing I will pack the camera.

Homo Out.

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Brickhouse said...

I am SO disappointed in the Fatshionista decision to get rid of the sales posts! Those were the highlight of my Fridays and the only way some people got new clothes in this economy. The moderators claim the sales entries were too much trouble to moderate but I think they maybe just needed one or two new moderators who liked and supported those particular posts. A lot of fashion-hating people have commented that they are thrilled with the decision, because they never believed the clothing posts belonged in the community. But I'd say maybe the strictly "fat political" posts are the ones that should have been booted out, since the comm IS called Fatshionista.

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