Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY'ing, crafting and a little love.

First I have to publicly express that I have an awful ladycrush on Zana Bayne. She designs leather goods (her shop is closed right now) and I really dig her style.

Since my post last week about my relationship with fashion and money etc I've been thinking a lot about my particular aesthetics.

I have a lot of issues finding items that both fit my personal aesthetic and match my aforementioned criteria.

Once upon a time I dealt with this by making or fixing up almost everything I wore.

My issue with that right now is that it's really time consuming, expensive and time consuming.

At some point I have to decided how much of any given week I want to dedicate to trying to change clothing so that I like it more.

I also have an issue with not really having the disposable income to use to fuck a few things up before I get them right.

Maybe when/if I get my crocheted things etsy store off of the ground I'll feel differently.

I think a huge part of my reluctance to go all out with my DIY'ing is having been poor for so long.

I don't really know how else to explain it.

There is also the issue of a fear of failure in this. What if I spend all that time and money for nothing? The time loss I could chalk up to a learning experience but the money makes me nervous. I would honestly feel really guilty about that.

Let's call it here. THe real bottom line truth is that I am yes afraid that if I spend say 50$ on crafting/sewing supplies maybe my partner and I will need that money for food. Or something might happen and we might need X other thing. That is absolutely a fear based on shit that has happened in my life.

Now for those who really get where I'm coming from here what do I do?

How do I help myself get over this fear and just go with my joy?

The fact is my joy and bliss is leading me down the glittery path of hot glue guns and humming sewing machines but my still scared shitless poor girl self is balking.

So I need some help with this.

Any advice y'all have feel free to offer I'm listening.

Homo Out.

PS YES MOAR links people. Fling em. Do it do it do it.

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vesta44 said...

Look at it this way - you spend money on make-up to make yourself look how you like to look and to feel better about yourself, right? So why shouldn't you spend money on crafting/sewing supplies that are going to do the same thing for you? If you still can't justify spending $50 in one shopping spree on crafts/sewing supplies, then make a list of what you need or want and buy it in more affordable bits that don't make you feel like you're breaking the bank or taking money away from necessities.
And if you're worried about ruining clothing when you're remaking it, practice on things you got really cheap at thrift stores or clothes you hate and were gonna toss anyway. That way, if it doesn't turn out the way you expected and you don't like it, you haven't invested much, other than your time (and maybe someone else will like it and you can re-thrift it or something).
When I first started making and altering patterns, I bought a fuckton of used sheets from thrift stores. I used them to make samples so I could see how my alterations were going to work - did I want to keep an alteration, did I need to change an alteration, did I need to modify an alteration. It was cheaper than using fabric, and some of the sheets actually made decent blouses (and when I was done wearing them and gave them to a local thrift store, they sold right away, being plus-sized).

Anonymous said...

Look for free or cheap craft shit. Remnants of fabric are cheap sometimes (if there's less than a yard left on the roll) if there is a Jo-Ann or Michael's or something that is easily accessible for you.

The season for this is almost over, but I often find clothes at yard sales that I buy not to wear but to cut up for fabric (to change the shape of a piece of clothing or patch it, or make a bracelet or headband or something else neat and small). Sometimes there's yarn too. You can tear or cut up thin fabric and knit or crochet with it -- it looks like that posh ribbon yarn that I can't afford either. Sometimes you can even unravel a yard-sale sweater and get for $2 a quantity of yarn that would probably cost you $20 (this will only work if the sweater doesn't have sewn seams). Or unravel old knit things of your own that are worn-out as garments but could be used as materials. You can do the unraveling while watching TV or on the phone. Basically the idea is to cannibalize old, cheap shit rather than buy new, expensive shit.

Another possibility is eBay. My dad is an artist and gets a lot of materials online like old hooks and eyes, discontinued fabrics, etc. The starting bids for these are often really cheap, $1 or less. Just set yourself a limit going in, so if the bidding goes above your limit you can back out.

mccn said...

I'm sorry it's taken me a long time to get back on this one, but this is a very emotional issue for me. Growing up, I knew how much every piece of food cost that I put into my mouth, and even when I was hungry, I knew to hold back sometimes when I didn't think we could spare the money if I ate something - so I have had a struggle as well with feeling non-guilty about doing things that make me happy that involve spending money.

First of all, I would say, it's important to remember that you are an amazing, wonderful, deserving human being. You deserve happiness - and you deserve to provide yourself with it, to the best of your ability. This can be a hard idea to master, actually. So I am repeating it at you, just in case you need it.

Secondly, I agree with the suggestions on acquiring experimental materials for cheap - thrift sheets and pieces that can sell for cheap, some fabric places might give you bits and pieces they would toss; freecycle, if it exists in your area, is a great way to acquire things as well. This will provide you with the materials to experiment and learn, and help you not worry about spending money.

But when you do spend money, it is OK to do so. Money is first of all for survival - buying us food, hopefully healthcare, a roof, transportation. But then, what is it for? It is for enabling us to do the things we want in life. In reading your blog the past few years, it is so clear to me that you do want to create. (Financial gurus say, spend money on experiences, not things - it has a bigger payoff. Learning and creating - this can get you both!) You will enjoy it, and it will bring goodness to your life - a challenge when you want it, the satisfaction of accomplishment (which can be great when you're feeling down), and learning and experience and validation. You deserve all of these things.

Remind yourself that just because you're nervous or scared - that's a natural reaction to coming where you are and approaching this thing. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. And once you jump in, that nervousness will turn to joy.

You can do this, there are lots of ways to begin the process. And, since it is compelling you and will make you happy, I encourage you TO do it!

Much love

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