Monday, August 09, 2010

Memories of Seventeen.

Lesley posted a really good look at Seventeen's questionable Love your Body thing and I had a very visceral memory.

Like many women at one time I read Seventeen with fervor, I worshiped the advice it gave. I loved Seventeen.

I also remember when Seventeen finally made me feel so bad I couldn't read it anymore.

I had at that point been able to not take the constant Whiteness to heart, I had been able to teach myself to over look a lot of things until they had one of these sappy Love yourself things and right on the next page a full page ad for some diet pill or other that promised thinness, long hair, excellent skin.

The wording was very specific about having a body like this and the body in question was smallish busted, very flat stomach, somewhat small hips. A body that was in all things the opposite of mine.

I was short, Black, with big boobs and ever biggening hips and a round belly and at the time not long but not really short hair.

I remember I completely lost my shit as only a tween girl can. I hid the magazine that I had bought out of my birthday money and cried my fucking eyes out.

I was so upset and I couldn't really find the words to maybe write to Seventeen and say what about me? What about girls like me?

I was fully convinced that because I would never be a thin White girl that I wouldn't ever go on a date, have sex, wear nice clothes, go to the prom, all those things.

I didn't have the kind of sense of self yet that could help me realize that Seventeen and all of it's contemporaries can fuck right off with that bullshit.

I was too young and tender to think that while Seventeen couldn't really serve me as part of their demographic it was okay, there were other things to be read and loved.

I would like someday to be someone girls or anyone who needs to hear it can point to and remember that I said, they can all go suck it.

The fact is, regardless of any magazine's shady fake ass lying ass liar bullshit of this ilk, you are still wonderful.

You can still learn to love yourself and practice the kind of Radical Self Acceptance that means you can just laugh and shake your head at the diet ads and other bullshit.

Now I think I need to wrap it up because I'm still exhausted from last weeks non-sleeping bullshit which I'll explain tomorrow.

Homo Out.

PS, your homework (there will be a quiz my friends) is to look at yourself in a mirror and say, "Fuck em." Feel free to give the finger and/or grab your crotch while you do this.

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April D said...

Okay that is TOTALLY an assignment I will be all over when I get home today. :D

For Seventeen's Body Image thing I think it would be less of a "Look at US! We're INNOVATIVE!" gimicky marketing ploy if they also reduced/eliminated all those "Hate yourself and the body you're in. Here's 7 new ways to do just that!" crap at the same time.

I'm choosing to see it as a small step in the right direction and HOPE it bodes well towards future action! But I'm hopelessly and everlastingly optimistic!

Suck it, Seventeen, and get with the program. We are all wonderful, AS IS.

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