Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting to know me....

I have some new readers and things in my litterbox here have been very serious lately. So some getting to know your hostess/open post.

So hi there folks. I'm Shannon as you may have guessed. This is my little sandbox.

As you may have surmised I am a Black, queer, fat, weird, fairly outspoken and long winded.

Hence part of my blog name there Daily Nattering.

For as serious as I may come off here on the Internets I am a really goofy person. I'm very easily amused. Stupid things can make me laugh until I drool. Which happens a lot.

I'm also a physically nervous person. I'm twitchy. I flail a lot. I'm clumsy because I had a lot of severe ear problems as a wee kid and my equilibrium kind of sucks. I'm often seen listing slightly to port.

If the world was fair and was indeed my oyster, I would dress like some insane Goth band exploded on me. Or like I was birthed by a giant Goth Drag queen. And I say giant in the most loving way. With unlimited sewing mojo I would wear almost all costumey clothing.


The above is because I am a fairly ridiculous person when it comes to my personal aesthetic. I love all things wigs, glittery, sparkly, feathers, tulle, head dresses, tiaras, showgirls, drag queens, showgirl you get what I'm saying.

This started when I was a really small child. I remember wanting perfect manicures at age 4. It's not my Mom's influence she's not a super girly girl Femmebot like I am. I dunno where it comes from.

The two arts that mean the most to me and bracket my most important memories are music and literature.

I am a music fanatic. I have really eclectic tastes and there are piece of music that hold very specific memories for me. There are some that two bars in can bring me to tears. If I wasn't a writer I would probably have been more serious about music from an early age.

What else?


I'm not a really religious person. I have some spiritual/religiousy beliefs that are not at all usual and as I am forming them I am very protective of them. My spiritual beliefs feel so personal that I am not really ready to let other people hear them at all. The idea actually makes me want to pee myself a little.

Back to books.

Books gave me and continue to give me the world. Books showed me the door to what I am most passionate about (writing, obviously). Books showed me other people and other experiences. I recall being maybe 8-9 years old and wanting desperately to be outside of my realm. I wanted to experience so much that I couldn't even name and I turned to books. The books I read in those years went a long way to shaping the woman I am growing up to be.

Speaking of growing up, if you've read me for awhile you have probably noticed I say things like that a lot. For the record I am 33 years old. However I believe that in the grand scheme of things I feel very much like a child in a wonderful way a lot of the time. As I get older I find that doing a lot of the things that made me happy as a child make me happy now.

I believe it's valuable not to try so hard to be a grown up all the time. I do not fully believe in putting away the toys of childhood.

I also believe that for me the way to leading a better life is by re-learning to listen to myself when I know I'm telling myself the truth. I believe that we all have a core of Serious Personal Truths and for me my life is better when I listen to those.

I also highly value beauty. Not beauty as in what's in advertising and whatnot but things that move me. I think a lot of people are beautiful. Some of them are yes the airbrushed perfection others are not. It's not a big deal to me. Me finding someone beautiful rarely has to do with any one thing.

Some people have had issue when I've said to them that I think they are beautiful. For the record I don't say that to mean HEY I WANNA DO YOU. I mean it in love and just a hey, you have something about/on you that gives me a visual happy. That's all.


Oh yes, I mention being poor a lot. My partner and I are not as poor as we once were. We're not in month to month danger of maybe not being able to pay the rent. We have enough for the basics most of the time but not a lot for other things.

A lot of the time I don't spend money for pleasure. I grew up feeling like that was a highly irresponsible thing to do and frankly it's a bitch to unlearn a lot of that.

Which leads to the crafting thing. I really love making things and am having to learn that it's okay to buy supplies, to make things that are maybe not suitable to turn a profit. I'm learning that I can do these things and it doesn't make me irresponsible. I can have a hobby.

Now I'm babbling but y'all know me a little better.

Now some self promotion.

Wanna read more of my not blog writing. Check my big girl grown up author website. It's not all the way done yet but you'll find my little back catalogue and stuff.

I think that's it.

As always feel free to ask stuff in the comments, via my form or via formspring.

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H. said...


I don't quite know how I got to your blog, but I'm pretty enthralled by the similarities between us. Ok, minus the gay/goth part =)

Though most of my friends are gay... funny story behind that.

I've been going through rough financial patches for most of my adult life, I grew up a bookworm, I also write and when I splurge on myself I feel guilty. And I'm a size 10. Sometimes a 12 depending on the make of the clothes... So yeah, I know what's it like to not be skinny and I think curves rock.

So receive a big hug from a Chilean reader who will continue reading.

All the best!

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