Monday, September 20, 2010

Weird moments also sexy things.

Business first.

So my official author site is here. Note that it is not entirely finished still. But you can find my wee back catalog and various social networking links and a bit of a bio.

Also you'll notice if you've clicked through that my blogroll is missing. Fear not my homies. I will be replacing it but BlogRolling a.) has gone malevolent and b.) is going away so I need some other way to manage that.

Last thing. My best friend and I are snarky, when we're together we can be vicious and we're talking about (read taking the piss out of) Fat Fashion over on Tumblr we are SnarkandPie. Check us out, she's my bestie and I can say with authority she is fucking awesome. Follow us, submit links. Giggle. We do have a rule, no indie designers please. Also we're not snarking the people who wear the fashion or the models it's just the clothes.

Now on to the post of the day.

I am in dire need of a pair of new black tall boots.

Like a lot of other fat folks I have some big calves.

What is weird to me (as in I had a moment of cognitive dissonance) is that when I was fatter I bought boots with impunity and never had any problems.

These days however my calves are hard. Hard and muscly and holy shit they do not squish so I can't really just buy any boots.

Now this is something that bothers me a lot.

If you're a new reader, I'll tell you right now I have a serious (as in makes my ladyparts tingle) boot fetish. Other people in boots, me wearing boots, having my boots shined boots make me go all melty in the knees and hot in the crotch.

Have I talked about this?

SO right boot fetish. I have one.

There was a time when I probably owned upwards of 20 pairs of boots not counting any vintage pairs. I love all sorts of boots. Big stompy platform boots, lace ups, Doc Martens, shiny fetish boots, boots that were meant to be thigh high but I'm short so they were right up to my butt cheeks.

Now the muscle boundedness (shit I know bad word choice, work with me here) of my calves has made indulging in my fetish extremely tedious.

Compounding my cranky is the fact that I can't wear a serious stiletto heel anymore. I don't mind that so much but the calf thing is frequently a deal breaker.

Add in my gothy/stompy aesthetic and well, times are rough my homies.

I really think that the company that decides to consistently make awesome plus size goth clothing is going to make a killing.

A. Killing.

Also let me give you all some love. Thank you for your comments and notes on my DIY post a bit back. You give me courage. Spending for pleasure is still difficult for me but I'm working it out.

I had intended to talk about beauty today but frankly I'm kind of spent. I'm tired.

More about beauty and some stuff I've been thinking about lately regarding art, fatness, blackness and beauty.

Stay tuned my homies.

Homo Out.

PS Hi Dennis and friends welcome.

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FreeFox said...

Boot fetish, huh? Bloody brilliant. We can meet at girls in doc martens. Sexiest shoes on earth. Bit scuffed - only the ones without steel toe, though, for me - tall, and if they got a single pair of buckles at the top I'll ooze into a puddle of adoration. Boys gotta wear chucks, though. Hi-top. Brand new or ripped and tron, I don't care.
Wellingtons are a thing to themselves, of course. And riding boots. Okay, a girl in riding boots... I mean, standing on the ground while she sits on a tall horse... okay, the horse by itself is already sexy as all hell... but so that he boot tips come level with my face... or a boy... English style, you know... okay, gotta stop now... :P

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