Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wait what is this shit fuckery?

First of all, to keep this from being head exploding rage filled watch this:

Burn this Mother Fucker Down.

It's my favorite scene from Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastle and very much shows how I'm feeling right now.

Basically this bit:
Ding-dong! May I interject for a second? As a Burger Shack employee for the past three years, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that if you're craving White Castle, the burgers here just don't cut it. In fact, just thinking about those tender little White Castle burgers with those little, itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one... just makes me want to burn this motherfucker down. Come on, Pookie, let's burn this motherfucker down! Come on, Pookie! Let's burn it, Pookie! Let's burn this motherfucker down! Let's burn it down! Let's burn it! So you guys maybe should just suck it up and go to White Castle.

Right now I kind of want to run around screaming FAT RAGE FAT RAGE FAT RAGE.

What precipitated this you are probably wondering?

Torrid's um..well Torrid.

So I got my new pants. I wound up with the Black basic twill pant.

I purchased these in a 16 because I assumed they would have a tiny rise (check) and I didn't want to have the same problem I had with the last pair of pants I got from there.

The positives:
The pants do have a wee rise but fit ok. They are overall slightly too big, in a size 16 I would call them more flared than bootcut. But for a pair of plain black pants they are ok. I do really like the jean styling though that is nice.

The Cons:
The twill is very thin. I got mine on sale for 29$ and they are (right now) normally 48$. If I wasn't talking about Torrid i would expect higher quality.

These are not really going to keep me all that warm in winter.

I also picked up a pair of Jeggings in black in a size 1.

These actually feel more substantial than the twill pants. I love the stretch, love the fit. I'm short and they do scrunch a tiny bit at the ankle like in the catalog picture. I actually really kind of love them.

The rise. The rise is mostly taken up by waistband and I don't really like that in a lower rise pull on pant. Also the ankle holes are tiny. I was able to get my foot through them but people with bigger feet/ankles may have issues.

SO because I really do love the Jegging my Winter aesthetic (okay here comes the rage) in my head became OTK boots, leggings, jeggings, sweaters awesome right?


So because Torrid had swooped back into my good graces with the Jeggings and barely with the twill pants, I was planning on doing a pretty big order next month.

I had a look around and noticed that the Ashly knee high (or on me since I'm short OTK) boot had been put back on the website but there were only 10/11 in stock when I looked. I love that boot and prefer it to the Annie but was open to buying Annie just in case.

Like any on a mission Fat Girl shopping I called to inquire about whether or not these would be back in stock any time soon. The friendly cs rep dropped a bomb on me.

Apparently (pro tip Torrid shoppers) if something is gone on the website typically it's going to stay gone.


Wait so a very popular on trend item that is clearly selling like fucking crack is being pulled at the beginning of the season?

The fuck?

Of course my first reaction was upset because where the fuck else am I ever going to find OTK boots, that are flat in a size that will fit me?

Then after I thought for a bit this is a prime example of created scarcity as happens in Fat Fashion all the fucking time.

This is the same style of shit fuckery many big box stores pull.

Something sells like gangbusters then mysteriously disappears, so we keep going in hopes that this thing will come back, all too often we get another thing but it's never as good as the first thing and costs twice as much.

So yes, Pookie let's burn this mother fucker down.

This whole situation here has in effect entirely ruined my plans for my Winter wardrobe. And because other retailers just don't really make this product, I'm shit out of luck.

For those of my homies who aren't fat let me reframe it so maybe you can understand why I'm so upset.

Let's say you need/really want an awesome special pan for your kitchen. What you need is a particular size that while not rare isn't typically found if you just run down to the local store. So you search and voila, there it is.

You are so happy, you start planning meals and awesome things then well it's just gone.

It's gone and you can't change the size of your stove. You can't figure out how to make what you were wanting without that pan and you have no options.

Now let's also pretend that you take cooking really seriously and it's very important to you on a personal level. How would you feel?

Furthermore for me personally I don't always have the opportunity to buy special things. Boots, clothes whatever. I will and now I can't use it.

Come on retailers.

Work with us here.

Yes I understand that I can keep searching and I might find something suitable. It's just so goddamn frustrating. Given the fact that at this point more inclusive sizing would cover a lot of people who would like to spend money I just don't see the point in continuing this scarcity thing.

Being forced to settle just really fucking blows.

And this is why I want to run around yelling FAT RAGE FAT RAGE.

So this sums up today:

So there you have my angry.

My homies, feel free to commiserate. I think tomorrow there will be more angry fat shopper. This time about beautiful indie artist tshirts.

Homo Out.


FreeFox said...

wow. you do take wardrobe really serious, huh? (if you burn anything down, please show us the pics... i love a good fire bombing!!!) ^_^

RavenNightshade said...

That Torrid CSR was full of shit. Stuff that disappears from their website reappear all the fucking time. As a matter of fact, I was just there an hour ago, and stuff that had vanished into the ether a month ago suddenly reappeared, albeit in limited quantity.

So don't give up, just stalk the everloving fuck out of their site.

Also, my word verification is HAMBULAR, not to be confused with Hamburgler.

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