Monday, October 11, 2010

Want my support?

Tis the season for fundraising.

There are a lot of indie zines, bands, etc that I enjoy and a lot of them want my support via things like buying Tshirts.

For instance The Rumpus. I've been reading the Rumpus since it started. I love it. They have some neat Tshirts and I would in fact enjoy putting their name on my chest for advertisement.

However, they like eleventy million other places don't have plus size tshirts and no one I've asked seems to know measurements for shirts or if there is a possibility of plus size offerings.


Here's how I feel about this on a few levels.

On a heart level my feelings are hurt because I am excluded. That is my immediate reaction. My feelings are hurt because apparently I can't show my support since I'm a fat girl.

Then I feel like well maybe they don't want fat girls support. At which point I feel like, okay well fuck you too.

Then I calm down and reel in the butthirt and think about okay, well maybe I can ask about more inclusive sizing.

Now how I feel following that depends on answers. If X persons says, no we just don't have any. Okay. If person doesn't acknowlege my question at all I am pissed off. If the answer is to buy a mens shirt, I am pissed off. If the answer is the butthurt well we can't cater to everybody I also get pissed off.

So to skip all of that here are some free tips.

If you want to sell tshirts to raise money that's awesome. Be aware that most likely not all of your fans or supporters are going to be small people. I've seen a lot of people selling tees for various reasons and many of them seem to be under the impression that no lady types* seem to exist or would be interested.

That being what it is, dear people who want to fundraise via tee shirt. Most likely a good number of your fans will buy tee shirts anyway but will feel let down because you don't seem to think they exist.

And yes, that is the impression folks like me get. If you seem to display no knowledge or thought about there being bodily diversity among your supporters, some of us who don't fit into the XS-XL mold will on some level be disappointed and hurt.

I realize that it's not the most awesome thing to be so butthurt about things like this. I also realize that in terms of big picture it's not that big of a deal.

However, it is a big deal to me.

It is a big deal when you really want to show your support for X person/thing/idea and you're seemingly automatically excluded.

So here is me asking that if you do engage in fundraiser via wearables, do some research. Ask your supplier for measurements and list them. If you cannot accommodate larger sizes say so up front.

Speaking of fund raising.

My essay shop is closed right now while I figure out an easier method of delivery. Etsy is an option but, I don't own a printer and can't offer a printed/shipped version of anything. Unfortunately, I can't really afford to spend money on any venture right now.

Fact is I have some larger than usual financial things that need to happen. I need new contacts and my insurance being what it is, this is going to cost a pretty penny. I would like a new winter coat but yeah.

I do need to do some fund raising myself but going about it has proved more difficult than I'd expected. I don't know what exactly I'm going to do/how I am going to accomplish making enough spare $$ for things that may not be absolute necessities but would be nice to have.

I owe some folks emails and I promise I will send them. I'm a wee bit not in a communicating kind of mood right now.

Also one last thing, I'm choosing between spreadshirt, zazzle and cafepress because I have tshirt designs. Do y'all have experience with any of those/ If so share. Fit, materials, etc.

Okay now I have to go get my hustle on because I need some paypal funds.

Homo Out.


lilacsigil said...

Cafepress: good materials, the printing on black is sometimes wonky. The women's shirts go up to 5x but are very, very short. I'm 5'7" and the shirts barely touch the waistband of fairly high-waisted jeans.

JeanC said...

I used to have a Cafepress shop, but bailed on them when they turned on the shopkeepers (getting rid of the volume bonus; deciding that anything displayed in the Marketplace was only going to have a 10% mark up for the shopkeeper, but CP could have all the markup they wanted; deciding if you had a design CP liked they would put it on any product they wanted without the shopkeeper's permission). Yes they have women's Ts in larger sizes, but I heard from a number of shopkeepers who ordered their own stuff that the Ts were fine the first wearing and turned into belly shirts after the first washing.

I switched to Zazzle and have been VERY happy with them. They are responsive to their shopkeepers when problems arise. I haven't ordered any t-shirts as yet (still too poor and I need the money I make to pay bills), but other shopkeepers have said the quality of materials is good, tho the women's shirts can run a bit small. Zazzle has assured us they are looking into finding more larger women's sizes, they are picky on the quality.

You might want to check out the forums on POD for you:

They have forums for the various print on demand sites.

Katy said...

Hi! Talking of raising funds, have you heard of Flattr? It's a new (well, I only heard of it just now, anyway - and thought of you) micropayment method for people to pay for content on the web - you can just stick a button on your blog. You should have a look
Katy x

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