Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Fatties? A few words for non fat people on being more size aware.

Not all that long ago I posted an entry about feeling left out of supporting my favorite causes, people, zines etc by buying wearables. See that here.

Today I want to talk less about organizations and bring it to the individual.

As you might guess I read shitfuck ton of fashion, crafting and beauty blogs. A lot of those bloggers are really good at what they do and have contests.

Most of them do not publicly identify as fat and from the items up for grabs it seems to me that, a lot of them believe that their readership is thin.

I just entered (and please my homies do not give her shit) a We Love Colors giveaway over at the Dainty Squid. I sat here waffling as to whether I should enter or not, or whether I should speak up about this bit or not:

What? 1 pair of microfiber tights and 1 pair of socks in the color(s) of your choice

The thing is, the microfiber tights are not going to fit me. We Love Colors has a specific plus size selection as seen here.

Here is what I left as my entry:

I'd like to enter but I need plus size tights and they aren't an option there. If they are eligible my favorite is Rubine. I can be reached at {redacted} @ gmail.com

Now I'm not really angry, I just want to play too. I don't think that I'm going to win so ZOMFG must be specifically included but I would like to shine a light where some bloggers may not see an issue.

Dear Awesome Bloggers,
Some of your readers are fat, some of them are probably more shy than I am but when we're excluded because either you don't think about the diversity of the bodies of your readership or you just don't care, it sucks. Please take a second and either include every body or say upfront, hey this is not open to sizes whatever and up.

When it comes to this sort of thing my brain does not usually go to OMG X blog hates fat people.

Most of the time, it's more an issue of the people behind the blogs just not thinking about things in terms of inclusiveness. People who aren't fat (and lots of fat people) just don't think about it enough to make it an issue and thus, readers like myself can feel left out.

Being that a lot of bloggers, especially fashion bloggers are not engaging in political conversation I don't like to foist it on them because I don't feel like it's always the venue. That being said, I will often say hey I'm fat, you have a fat reader and I like X thing, or X thing would be so much more awesome if it came in more sizes.

I also make sure I do comment when I see things that are more size inclusive.

For the people who are doing fashion blogs, look blogs etc I think it would be really great if you think outside of your body or a body you think is the body. Think about inspiration or showing love to your readership with goodies beyond a small size range.

It's not that hard I swear.

I'll give you an example.

I may have mentioned on occasion that my very favorite fashion blog is Haute Macabre. I have been reading them for yonks and have noticed over time that their Haute List entries with links to buyable fashions are getting more inclusive both size and cost wise.

This to my mind is excellent.

The fact is, outside of the FA realm most likely bloggers who are not fat are probably not going to feature mostly fat clothes/looks which is just the same as a fat fashion blogger not doing mostly smaller size clothing posts. That's just how it is and that is fine and awesome.

I do think that it's perfectly reasonable to see some cross over.

I think that including each other in our fashion worlds, means that we can find common ground and common ground leads to what possibilities?


For instance I recently got a note from a not fat reader who's been lurking (OH HI CUTIEFACE) telling me that she never knew that someone who is a lot bigger than she is could have the same fit problems in clothing.

The fit problems suck ass BUT the fact is, it got her interested and into reading more about FA and body politics which is awesome for everyone.

I don't believe at all that, everybody is going to get into it but we all know that one person, one person taking a minute and saying to themselves, "oh what about my fatties?" Is awesome.

It's far better for all of us in my eyes to clear away the us or them mentality. We're all us.

If you are a blogger who has been uncomfortable with me commenting talking about my fatness it's okay. I'm not calling you out, I'm just telling you I'm there.

So the quick take away is this.

Most likely if you run a fashiony type blog and want to run a contest, bear in mind that some of your readers are fat. If you can include plus sizes or if your contest isn't specific a head up would be great. It's easy look say you are running a contest like the one I linked above this would be perfect:

"Or plus size tights"


See how painless that is?

Next time you run your contest, throw in a note. Hell try running a plus size only look or contest. Fun for everyone.

Now my fat homies, please do not yell at bloggers who are not on the inclusive train. Be cool to them. I know it's easy to go in guns blazing because you're feelings are hurt and you feel excluded, but honestly nobody likes that when it's not warranted. Maybe a note to a blogger that says, "hey you have fat readers and X thing is really not cool." Or "how about a plus size option?"


Remember my homies with bodies. Don't be a dick be a Richard.

Tomorrow (ugh the weather here y'all) I want to talk about fat sex. OH YES babies, sexy advice tomorrow y'all.

Now my darlings, I'm going to take my happy ass to bed and crochet because I'm tired and cold.

Stay safe and be awesome to each other.

Homo Out.


Diana said...

I'm often feeling left out of the running even on other fatshion blogs for the very reasons you name. I'm a 28 US, and all too often the plus size offering stops at 22 or below. Inclusiveness takes work, and I think it's coming along, and will as long as we keep making posts like this one.

lilacsigil said...

Yay for you! I've done the same thing on a blog offering a t-shirt from ThinkGeek as a prize - they go up to a women's 16. They helpfully offered a Cafe Press t-shirt as an alternative prize, because they go up to 28. No rudeness or push-back at all - I was surprised and pleased, even though I didn't win!

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