Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wait you did what? A kink is born.

Today my darlings, one of our homies has requested one of my sex stories.

Not fiction, trufax and real misadventures in the development of my sexuality. So per usual if you're uncomfortable reading about kinks, skip it today.

In today's edition I'm going to tell y'all how it is that I discovered/started to develop my crotch tingling love of boots and bonus boot worship.

The thing about kinks I find amusing in general are the many permutations of one kind of specific king that can happen when someone (yours truly) is really neurotic.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not but I cannot stand having my feet touched. I have never had a professional pedicure (shocking because we ALL know how much I love being pampered and rubbed), I don't even let Uniballer touch my feet unless there are special circumstances and my feet are really cold and I'm putting them on his ass or something. Damn it even typing it makes my toes curl and inside I'm going EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NO NO NO NO.

In kink parlance, this is a hard limit.

Do not touch my feet, do not touch my toes, do not tickle my feet or try to. DO NOT WANT. Don't be cute and try you will get kicked in the face. Which has happened and I felt awful after but I warned that person.

No I'm serious don't touch my fuckin feet ever it is a non negotiable limit.


Where was I? Right boots, kink, neurotic.

So despite my complete and insane aversion to having my feet touched when bare, if I have boots on then DING jackpot. This started by accident after i saw a boot worship (wikipedia links if you want more info get to googling my darlings) scene happen at a party.

I was intrigued but not enough to actively pursue having this type of scene myself.

Until, I went to a fetish fashion show in a pair of enviable (and very missed *moment of silence for the dearly departed*) pair of gorgeous PVC 7" (with a 4" platform so it wasn't quite a ballet boot) knee high boots, a ball gown, no underclothes.

There was a gentleman at the show in a shiny catsuit, complete with little leash and collar who crawled across the dancefloor, got all up under my skirts and licked the length of my boots.

Holy shit.

Holy. SHIT y'all thus a kink was born.

Now I don't really recommend crawling up to anyone and licking their boots. Nor doing this with a stranger without talking to them. As I have said, my early trysexual adventures were often misadventures.

I don't remember how long this was going on, somewhere there are pictures. I have yet to see them pop up on the intertubes, and yes before anyone asks I have gone googling for naked pictures of myself an have only ever found one uncensored topless shot. It was so random I didn't bother to freak out about it just kinda giggled to myself.

The boot thing in general just got more involved and interesting from there until a few years ago I realized that not only do I really love the worship, I love getting my boots blacked, I love wearing them. I love other people in them.

The kink has become a big round ball of crotch tingling awesome.

When I had to sell most of my boot collection to fund an emergency move, I was so devastated. Like a lot of things in my life I made the mistake of thinking that I could/should just ignore my feelings on the matter and let it rest.

However, for me I just yeah I can't.

Which is why I would be really into doing an adult tease/boot fetish website. Yep, Web Whoring to use my favorite phrase coined by the lovely TastyTrixie (on whom I have a massive lady crush along with her partner Delia).

I keep trying to research the running and creating of this sort of thing but it just does not stick in my head. I've had the idea forever.

I love tease, cheesecake ish with some gothy styling.

My big problem is that I don't know if I have it in me to do promoting etc etc etc.

I just want Uniballer to take some pictures, play dress up and whatnot.

We don't really have the space where we live but it is always on the table.

My kink surrounding boots is one of those that I have that seemed to have happened by sheer happenstance. Now for a quickie about the silliest boot oriented moment I ever had.

After I discovered my love of all things boots, I decided to try to orchestrate a scene with a submissive woman I was sleeping with on and off at the time. Unfortunately, I did not have the internet nor a huge network of kinky people to ask what might occur during such a scene.

I had no idea what to do, she had no idea what to do. We spent some time with her kind of rubbing my boots, she did something like rubbing her nipple against my boot laces and it struck me as being one of the most silly things I'd ever seen and I burst out laughing.

For some reason, sexual mishaps are almost always hilarious to me which was not always understood by my lovers and she looked kind of hurt for a second then realized that she was rubbing her nipple against my boot laces in a weird kind of spaced out way and we both fell out laughing.

Instead of that I decided to keep my boots on while we did other things. Eventually I spent some time with my boot planted firmly on her bare bottom which was quite a lot of fun. Later I met someone who knew how to boot black and voila.

So my dear homie who requested some sexy story there you go my darling I do hope you were entertained. It was very entertaining for me to remember.

Tomorrow some comment on the naked, topless and/or naked crotch shots that may or may not be floating around teh internets of yours truly, why I don't really care one way or the other and another awesome reader question about people viewing my photos in a sexual way. Also later this week I'm having another writing related conundrum and am in need of the wisdom of you my homies.


Now goodnight, go forth and enjoy yourselves. Feel free to ask me stuff, do you need advice? Want my opinion on something but don't want to leave your name? Head here and use the form.

Off you go my homies and haters, go forth and frolic on the internets.

Homo Out.

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