Thursday, December 09, 2010


So more than a few of you have sent me very sweet notes that I should post my wishlists and whatnot.

First thing again, I have the best readers on the internets. Y'all are so nice to me it just floors and honors me.

So um....okay.

The best thing ever to get me for anything is to donate via my paypal there. Mainly because I'm kind of over retail and really just want to do some super hunting on the etsy and ebay.

Okay so that's done.

Honestly though y'all please do not feel obligated or weird or anything.

I started this yesterday and yeah there it is. I still feel SO weird about posting it but I was told to so here it is.

Moving it along.

The end of the year is always a weird time for me. I'm honestly not super into holidays generally speaking so holiday stuff can grate on my nerves. More though, I tend to go into hyperdrive I MUST DO ALL THE THINGS mode.

I tend to be doing things and while I'm busy doing in my brain I am getting all introspective.

First thing.

I would like to figure out how to integrate my writing site (here, feel free to visit)with my blogging in a more um....well just do it.

I also have been letting my arty ideas percolate more. And my ideas for making wearables and whatnot.

And I've been thinking about talking more about things I've been reluctant to discuss because I don't have extensive knowledge to go with my posts.

But you know what fuck it.

I will talk about that hings that move me even if I'm not all full up of the learnings you know what I mean?

So more intersectionality, mixed in with things I love.

I'm also trying to earn some extra monies to buy and thus review things like fetishy/gothy club wear. Also some sewing. I am determined to really start sewing again. I have finally figured out the logistics of some of the stuff I wanna do it's just a matter of gettin it done y'all and reigning in my DO ALL THE THINGS behavior.

So there we have it.

More later.

Tomorrow talk about photographs, naked fat asses and other assorted awesome.

Homo Out. are you? Do you do holidays? Are you doing something else? Do you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa? Do something else special? Tell me about it.

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