Monday, January 03, 2011

Every Body is Holy..welcome 2011.

Okay the title there is a reference to one of the things that brings me pure unadulterated joy. Howl by Allen Ginsberg Please take a minute to read it if you never have.

SO. My darlings it's 2011

Quite honestly upon waking on the first my very first thoughts after I went pee were as follows:

I was so filled with this visceral kind of joy I wanted to run around with a baseball bat smashing windshields and screaming at the top of my lungs.

I realize this may sound anti-joy but it's how I was (am) feeling.

I am so happy that I survived so much bullshit. I want to fuck shit up.

Speaking of fucking shit up can we talk for a second about how much I loathe New Years resolution culture? I really do. I hate the cheerleading of believing that for some reason you just weren't good enough the


Fuck that I'm awesome, you're awesome and how about let's be more awesome in the coming year

Was 2010 all full of win? No.

I had some ideas that failed miserably or that I just could not figure out how to execute. This year I want to be more fearless in working out how I'm expressing myself and whatnot because if I want more love art and beauty god damn it I will make it myself.

To be a bit more clear, I want to get read more. not just my blog here but my work in general. My writing and everything.




I'd also like to learn how to buy underpants that are comfortable. I have a panty aversion. I like having pretty underpants but I don't like the actual wearing of underpants. I realized just after Christmas that part of my aversion is not knowing how to buy any that fit.

So I'm going to make that happen.

Also I'm working on doing a porn filled affiliate page of awesome. Fact is I enjoy some really awesome porn and I would like some extra pennies. I'm making a special page and will link when it's ready.

While I'm at my little hustle here, check it out Babeland is having an awesome sale. You'll find the banner for Babeland right there in my sidebar.

Even if I wasn't an affiliate I would still urge y'all to shop there. They are awesome.

So go forth my darlings. Have the most beautiful and love filled year yet. Right now I myself am full of a slight bit of sickness and need to be full of soup.

Tell me about your holidays, did you have any? Did you do something awesome?

What's good and lovely?

Now scuse me, I have soup to eat and liquids to take in.

Homo Out.

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Rachel said...

I went to really sick punk show, drunkenly kissed a boy I knew, almost punched my friend's ex in the kidney because he's a blackhearted douche, and donned this incredibly fucking hot outfit I normally would've been afraid to wear...but my New Year's resolution was to do things I was scared shitless to do before.

Well, I wore that hot outfit (which consisted of a skintight black dress and a Lip Service waist cincher I had to fight tooth and nail to get) and when I walked into the venue I had this fucking hot guy 8 years younger than me looking at me like he just won the lottery, and left many others drooling in their tracks.

I was being reminded of your story about Hot Booty and being looked at like it was motherfucking Christmas. :) then I just found out I'm moving to a bigger better apartment due to issues on the floor on this building.

All in all, brought in 2011 with a freakin bang!

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