Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion and Fluffery.

I'm still not feeling super awesome. I've been sick so some fluff, fashion.

Can we discuss the things I'm obsessed with right now?

So I just got this skirt, matter of fact it's waiting for me at home right now.

So cute. SO CUTE. This whole new obsession with shades of pink like this is entirely my best friends fault. Prior to our relationship I did not do pink. I liked pink (as in having to do with pussy) but did not wear pink. I have several ideas about what to wear with it. I'm also not really a ruffles person, but these ruffles made me squee.

Apparently my Bat Cave-ness is going through another inexplicable shift.

I'm also sneakily loving things that I kind of really hated when they first started showing up.

Case in point.

We all know I have a troubled relationship with Torrid. Torrid is the worst girlfriend ever but sometimes she's the awesome in the sack girlfriend I keep going back to.

I have been trying to hate those shoes ever since Torrid got them in but I find I want them. I want them bad. They are 28$ which I am pretty sure I can swing. I've been looking for shoes that are not boots for a while and those are super cute. I am on the fence though.

I purchased these boots from Torrid back in November. They are nice boots. A little more Westerny in the fit but super cute and totally not what I was looking for unfortunately. Also I accidentally got a size 8 and they are surprisingly tight for a size 8 and not really all that wide. It's been too long to send them back and I'd like to sell them. Probably for no more than 45$ shipped in the US/Canada 45+shipping to anywhere else. They will probably fit a 7-smaller 8 comfortably unless your feet are actually really wide then don't waste you monies.

What else?

OH my dress lust just keeps getting worse. I want to thrift frocks on Ebay.

More frocks also indicates that I really do need to give in and get some new damn tights. I really want lace leggings as well. I could forgo tights for more leggings until the weather improves but I'm undecided.

If the world were indeed my oyster this full set would be mine. Size and cost be damned.

Rene Dress
$140 -
Sleeveless dresses »

Crafted Lace Dress
5 GBP -
Lace cocktail dresses »

Mekai Dress
$205 -
All saints dresses »

Anthia Dress
$115 -
Vintage style dresses »

Studio Sweetheart Dress
$140 -
Dresses »

Thalia Dress
$205 -
Sleeveless dresses »

I love those floaty frocks. Most of which I'd go less girly with boots. Docs of course in most cases.

I think I can replicate at least one of those by myself which is great.

However I need some things before I start any serious garment sewing. I need an iron, an ironing board. Also a new chair.

These are things that will be gotten.

Now while we're talking fashion let me show you some of the fashion blogs I'm loving right now.

First up CorpGoth whom I found over on LJ I think. I love how she dresses.

And CaliVintage. I really enjoy the photos. Not my style per se but I find lots of inspiration there.

Despite my semi dislike for Modcloth I do read their blog. Lots of pretty shiny things.

Also lemme give some internets love to Christina in all her hotness over at Musings of Fatshionista. Do love her.

Rebecca over at We Are Large People is adorbs. I really love how she dresses.

Not all these folks are fat and this is perfectly fine with me. If you have some suggestions please tell me. As for me I'm going to finish my tea and count the minutes until I can go home and take my congested self to bed.

Homo Out.


Rebecca said...

You are so sweet to include a link to my blog and say such nice things about me! Thank you so much!

Also I kind of like those torrid shoes too. And I do know what you mean about torrid, it's like I can't make myself look away. I want to, but I can't (incidentally, I also feel that way about target).

RavenNightshade said...

OH MY GAWD! Thank you for CorpGoth!!!

I've basically been trying to do exactly this for the last 4 years and failing.

In the six months since I moved, I have actually wandered back into the Bat Cave. I have acquired a men's biker jacket for $45, and now I have an incredible need for all things mesh, lace, sheer, and fishnet.

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