Monday, January 24, 2011

Sexy? Yes please kthnks.

Okay so I've been sick as a damn dog. My head has been invaded by cooties of an extreme nature that led to me sleeping more than 10 hours straight more than one day in a row.

So now that I feel mostly better I want to get my perv on a little bit and talk about people I find to be The Sexy.

First up my friend Clint Catalyst.

I have not known Clint for that long but have long carried a torch for him. It began as an intellectual affair, I believe I read a piece of his in the Noirotica series and watched for his stuff since then. And then came the internets and I don't even know how we started talking but there you go. Clint is not only gorgeous as you'll see in a minute but (and here you must imagine me using my Lil ole grandma voice) he is such a nice boy.

AM I right or am I right. Look at that pretty face.

Also on my list right now?

Marianne Kirby.

You know Marianne as the hot blogger from The Rotund. If you aren't reading her blog go read it right damn now. Also, Marianne is hot. She is smart. Which we all know I kinda really love also, hot. No seriously. Let it be publicly declared that I have a little ladycrush on Marianne.

I don't have pics for everyone so you'll just have to visit her blog to see her wonderfulness.

Next my lovely wonderful friend Sarah. I've mentioned Sarah before and we all know how I feel about smart, beautiful, talented women so we know why I love her yes? Of course you do and if you don't go pick up one of her books. Also seriously, tattoos, big gorgeous smile, um..knees hi they get weak.

My point here aside from indulging in a moment of internets ogling is this.

I love a lot of people for a lot of reasons. I think there is so much wonderfulness and beauty in the world.

These three very different people have been lovely to me in different ways and I am so thankful that they are in the universe and in my universe.

Sometimes life is really shit. It is. People are mean, they say bad things that hurt my feelings. People often dishearten me and make me feel like speaking is futile. Sometimes I feel small and absolutely inconsequential.

And then, (wait wait hang in there while I get my hippy on) I remember (or discover) how many really wonderful beautiful people there are in the world.

For every person that sucks there's a person who is fucking awesome.

This is where I tell you my homies that sometimes, yes sometimes we have to turn our backs on the bastards and circle the wagons with the people we think are awesome.

Whether it's the Fatosphere you turn to, or twitter, or facebook or where ever.

I think with our fancy internets and fancy internets communities it's extremely important for a lot of us who tend to be on the loner side, or are shy or not good at dealing with people to remember that there are wonderful people and sometimes all it takes is saying, oh hi I think you're cool.

For me it's an important part of supporting my own well being to remember that people like Clint, Marianne and Sarah.

So go forth, go to their links and then go to their friends links because there is awesomeness out there.

Now my darlings, tell me who do you just adore? Give me links. Show me videos, pictures whatever. Your friends are my friends.

Homo Out.


Air said...

To be quite honest, you. I believe we have similar backgrounds. Out of all the inspiring blogs that I've come across, I relate to you so much; a lot of times reread your posts just to give me encouragement when I falter.

I'm the oldest of five and have always had to be that stronghold for my youngest siblings but seriously, you're like my big sister in your head /no creepy /no emo

Air said...

My head rather. sorry it's late

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