Sunday, January 23, 2011

What is this shit?

Okay I'm finally feeling more human and I have a beef with my ass.

So, since November or so I've been a pretty happy almost size 16 in Old Navy sizes for reference. My ON pants fit nicely, my Torrid size 16 pants fit nicely.

For the last month or so I've had a sneaking suspicion that I have lost weight. Most of my pants no longer fit properly at all and I'm pissed off.

My brand new goddamn pants that I have had only since November can now be slid southward of my ass with very little pressure.

God. Damn. It.

You know, I have thought about things and nothing has changed. I have actually been walking a bit less because of the cold and my knees, my diet hasn't changed. Actually I've been eating a bit junkier than normal so what the shitfuck is going on here?

My weight had been really stable for more than a year. I finally today asked Uniballer if I've lost weight to which he said he thinks so. This makes me nervous for several reasons. 1.) I want a pair of good trousers. 2.) ALL my underpants, my comfortable new underpants are too big.

These are things I can't afford to replace because my metabolism has gone HEY LOOK WHAT I CAN DO.

I'm also a little leery about walking more as the weather gets better. I'd really prefer to stay the size I am plus or minus maybe 5 pounds.

I'm honestly baffled and a tad annoyed. OK more than a tad annoyed. I like knowing exactly what size I am at any given time, it makes thrifting so much easier.

I'm hoping that it's just because I've been sick and busy. Once I settle down let's hope my ass settles down as well.

In other news, Uniballer gave me mighty encouragement and I bought not only two fantastic bras at Fashion bug bu some other clearance items including a super cute plain black stretchy dress.

I highly suggest that everyone who wears lady clothes, sizes 0-30 get thee to your local Fashion bug. There are mad clearance items. I also again recommend getting on their mailing list because you get some awesome coupons.

The next things I need are leggings and tights. I also need to sell my torrid boots because they aren't exactly the look I was going for.

That's all for now my darlings. I finally feel more human so I will be back to puttin the ass in classy this week.

Also there will be some pics.

OH wait, I'm going to be buying some tights and will review them as I get them.

Homo Out.

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