Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifting, the follow up remix.

I got some fantastic questions to answer about thrifting on the internets so let's go.

One of the mot common questions has to do with things individual bodies need. I have X thing and that's why things don't fit me so what do I do.


Ask for the measurements you need. If you know that the width of your shoulders can be an issue ask for shoulder measurements. Add that measurement to your list of other measurements.

Have super long legs? Ask for inseams.

Really tiny boobs? Ask for bust measurements.

Every body has different needs and once you identify what you need in a garment to make it fit right you are miles ahead of things.

The other theme of questions is from people at either extreme end of the size spectrum.

Here's the thing.

When it comes to being either really tiny or really fat you're going to have a harder time finding used clothing because people in those size ranges will hang onto clothing and wear the fuck out of it.

That's just how it is.

This is one of those intersectional holy shit this happens to EVERYONE moments.

So if you have specific size needs whether they are because you are a fat ass or a tiny ass, you're just going to have to spend some more time.

Also when you have those needs you may have to do a little more to figure out what fits you in a pleasing manner and what doesn't. Maybe you are a wide hipped size 30 so you want your skirts or pants in a certain cut. Maybe you're a big titty size 0 and need to find shirts that will cover your boobs without drowning your wee torso.

Those are things I can't tell you how to figure out because my body isn't yours and my tastes aren't yours.

I can only lead you towards some things to try out. Also Lindsay, I'd say take your favorite shirt and measure both the bust and shoulders and look at how it's cut and the material and the size to figure out what size in inches you need to attain that fit. Remember, different fabrics with more or less stretch will measure differently so take that into account when you buy stuff.

I also got a message from a tumblr homie wanting to know what to do when you get discouraged.

Welcome to my life y'all. Being that I reside on the Goth side of the fence most of the time I see eleventy million things that would work so well in my wardrobe, in my budget and would look fantastic on me but, they are almost 90% of the time not going to fit me ever.

Sometimes I get discouraged enough to think maybe I should just forget my aesthetics and wear khakis and tshirts.

Then I reel in my butthurt and put my foot down. Nobody can make it happen for me I have to make it happen for myself.

If that means I spend hours combing the intertubes for that perfect black skirt or if I buy a size too big or a half size too small and work it out that's what I do.

The biggest key to successfully outfitting yourself on a small budget is determination and stick to itness.

One of the other keys to success is being willing to work with what you can find. Maybe a garment isn't the one but if you like it enough to buy it make it work.

Another tip I have is to learn some basic hand sewing skills. Learn how to replace buttons and zippers, repair hems. The internet is a vast place and with a little time and a few dollars spent on needles and thread you can maybe turn that semi cute cardigan into something you love with new buttons or a patch or something.

There are precisely forty seven billion different tutorials around the internet for every kind of learner for everything you might want to do. Videos, blogs, websites, you name it. You just have to sit down and spend some time.

The most expensive resource I use is time. I've realized that my desire to wear things I like is valuable enough that I spend my time working on it.

A few other tips. If you have some things that are super hard to fit yourself for or things that you absolutely must have be super top quality save up your money for that. How I do it is if I have say 10$ to spend I will save out 2 or so for later quality item finding.

I also sale/clearance stalk like hell. If I see say a pair of shoes that I want but don't really need at that moment I will check on them until they go on sale or I have enough money to pay full price. It's nerve wracking and sometimes I miss out but I have saved a lot of money that way.

Also sign up for email alerts from retailers you know you like the clothing from. If you don't want a lot of extra mail create an email address just for store newsletters. I have outfitted both Uniballer and myself in brand new from the store things many times with special email coupons so do it it can be well worth it.

Now my darlings I'm all out of shopping advice for now. Tomorrow I'll be talking about feminism and how feminists can make the conversation and action better.

Or I might hold onto that one and talk about it next week.

So, do you have more shopping questions? Tales of Epic Thrifts of Win?


Have at it my homies.

Homo Out.

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Lindsay said...

Thanks, Shannon.

I totally agree about hand sewing! I am pretty good at it, so I will sometimes take in the waists of some of my baggier shirts and jackets (which fit me well at the shoulder, but tend to look shapeless on me) so that they'll be more flattering. It works pretty well. For one, I just cut a bit off the sides and re-sewed them, but for the jacket I had to get arty with some darts.

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