Friday, April 01, 2011

the book and things.

Okay I can't be serious today so let's talk about things.

So the book is coming along. Not as fast as I'd hoped because I am working hard.

So far here's what I'm looking at.

3 donates WOOOT!

At least two short more lyrical essays both of which are done.

One longish essay about some hard hard things. Bullying that happened to yous truly.

Some body image things. A few words about Black lady things.

You know pretty much the stuff I blog about but..all in one thingy and some new things.

I have to be honest I almost gave back my donations because I'm still feeling wobbly about doing this.

I have been reminding myself that I have you folks. And well damn it, I WANT to do this as part of what I feel is my purpose on the planet and in this universe.

So I'm going.



So far I'm thinking of doing print books through Lulu then going through the necessary things to make ebook versions available as well. I'm going to try really hard to keep the price fairly low because I want it to be accessible for poor folks too.

I still will be needing some graphics help from someone who can maybe make me a logo or something.

More over, I'll really need your help with promoting. I would honestly be happy if anyone will link to it. Beyond that I have no idea what the actual shit I'm doing with promotions. It's not my specialty.

What else?


Shit I totally hate other things to say but I'm really exhausted and not thinking super clearly.

OH wait..right. I got published yay. Check out this tiny love story I wrote. It's up at Amaranthine Muses.

Go frolic. Ask me stuff. If you have a special suggestion ( I can't promise to do all of them) for an essay drop it in the comments.

Goodnight my darlings and thank you for being awesome and in my universe.

Homo Out.


Catherine Leary said...

I hope you get what you need to do it the way you want to do it because I want to read it. I'm stoked because you're awesome.

FFC said...

Please please keep at it with the book! I know it will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon you have to finish this so that I can read it :) Also I will mobilise all my social networks and tell EVERYONE I know to buy it :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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