Monday, April 11, 2011

The Book. Current status and plan

OKAY since some of y'all have contributed (thank you so much) here is my current status.

I have several essays done and true to form they aren't what I was planning. I think that's good because it'll give you the flavor of my blog which is never ever planned.

Thus far I've covered talking about my pussy (surprise right?), why and how I'm not only writing this book but how/why I focus so much on self esteem and matters of the body. Although I think I'm going to split that one into two separate essays.

I believe I'd like to include cleaned up and shiny versions of these and these posts the stay alive posts will probably grow a fourth one to go along with them.

Do any of y'all have any super favorites you'd like to see in The Book?

Remember my homies, this whole thing is because so many of you encouraged me (are encouraging me) and there is some teamwork involved.

I have decided to offer a paperback via Lulu and electronic formats appropriate for Ebooks and PDF downloads. I want to make certain the book is as accessible as possible.

Any other formats requested? I may be able to do some large fonts by request as well.

Now I'm thinking that if I have money left over after paying Miss S Extraordinarre, I may buy some promotional materials. Stickers? Does anyone aside from me still love stickers?

I'm hoping to come up with something I can also put on buttons and things.

Quite frankly my darlings I have not a fucking clue what I'm doing.

I think I should probably make an author face book page that isn't my personal page. I have yet to figure out how/if I can do that.

There will probably not be enough money for a serious distribution package at first.

That said, if there is enough interest and stuff if I make enough money I could possibly save up and do a second edition with more things. Bigger distribution etc.

I am so excited and nervous I feel like I'm forgetting things.

There are also so many things I want to do. I want to make my own font for the cover but I dunno how. I will figure that out.

Now if by say October sales have been astronomical in my universe and I make some dollars, I am going to do something fancy for myself. A dress, some boots, a little tattoo. I promise.

What else?


I think that about covers my current progress. I had thought I was going to do things in a certain order writing wise but, naturally that didn't work out because that's not how I roll. I'm not going to force it, that would feel fake and weird.

So how about some links now?

As ever you can find my writing site (that I really need to update) with links to my other writings and to my writing blog here.

I am kind of really obsessed with this skirt from Domino Dollhouse.

Also these sunglasses. This means I should still be strongly considering contacts.

These Iron Fist shoes
. Holy shit y'all. I would fight someone for these. No seriously I would.

This skirt at Etsy. This is so damn cute. CUTENESS.

Okay that's enough I have shit to do today.

Now while i'm off doing ALL THE THINGS, share things with me. Do you have links to something awesome you did or saw? Share. I do want.

Homo Out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

Yay this progress is so exciting! I would love some of your posts on fat and kink to be in there like the one on your boot fetish :)

If you don't want a separate author page you could do a fan page for the book itself maybe?
Also a twitter hashtag would be cool :)

Also you asked for links:

I took my fat self snorkeling and saw a shark!

witchyvixen said...

I freaking LOVE stickers and buttons and shit!

asubjectivity, you saw a real live shark? That is AWESOME!!

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