Monday, May 16, 2011

How not to talk to strangers about their bodies.

Okay y'all.

It's been a little bit of a day.

Almost every day I like to go to Starbucks for coffee. I get the same thing every day, I am a regular and spending that 3 dollars is something that makes me happy and sane.

Every day I get a venti (20 oz) Americano (espresso shots/water) iced when it's warm hot when it's cold. I like two squirts of vanilla syrup and a touch of room.

After I got my coffee today a woman walked out right behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that it would be ever so much better for me if I used the non-fat for my "calorie laden drink".


As I informed her that the drink she had in her hand (some sort of mocha thing) had more shit in it that if I'd ordered four of my drinks.

Second of all it's none of her fucking business.

Furthermore, her you poor ignorant fatass tone was not appreciated.

I do not approve of the idea or insinuation that I am unable to think for myself or make decisions regarding my own health.

That is unacceptable.

I told her simply that I thought her tone and the things she was saying were disrespectful.

It is disrespectful to approach someone this way because it works on the assumption that the person you are speaking to is ignorant. In approaching someone uninvited and with the idea that they are doing something wrong or that you just don't approve of you are asserting some kind of moral dominance and it's not welcome.

Contrary to what the media may have you believe most people are very well aware of what's in their food and drink.

Clearly this woman took a look at my fat self and decided that she could read my health status.

She was wrong.

The fact is that my afternoon before work coffee is usually what keeps my blood sugar from plummeting an hour into my work shift. The fact is, I am not a big breakfast eater regardless of how much I try.

The idea of food during the first few hours I'm awake just disgusts me. however, as I get older I grow more and more borderline hypoglycemic and I can't usually keep my blood sugar steady until I can eat without some kind of sugar. I like my sugar in the form of a couple of pumps of vanilla syrup or the occasional simple syrup.

Now really, how many of us run to take the advice of random strangers? Do people who do this kind of thing think other people are so mindless that they will say, OH HAY I don't know you but you're so

So if you really are in fact concerned about another persons health walking up to them and educating them with what works for you doesn't demonstrate it.

If you're concerned about me ask how I'm doing and respect me if I don't choose to share personal information with you. If I do choose to share information listen to what I'm really saying and don't pick out the "bad fatty" parts.

Figure out what is not appropriate behavior and don't excuse yourself because you think you're Captain Save a Fatass all of a sudden.

That's all.

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UM tomorrow a book update.

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Now my darlings I love you all my homies and haters.

Homo Out.


CGriffin said...

I canNOT believe some bitch did that to you. To anyone! She likely thought she was being 'helpful' her self-absorbed "Look how sleek I am!" sort of way. My sister would do something like this. Starbucks should ban her from the store, on principal. Principle? Just 'cuz.

Cayora said...

I have been reading your blog for a while, but I just subscribed on my Kindle. I did it from the Kindle itself, since I have one of those fancy 3G ones and it was extremely easy. Now, it is sent to my device whenever you update. I really love being able to carry your work around with me and I am planning on buying your book, when it is available.

But what I really wanted to say is that since I started reading you on the Kindle, my partner started reading you over my shoulder. Now, he even asks if you have updated, which is surprising because he's not much of a blog person. We really appreciate your wonderful writing. Please keep it up!

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