Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When good outfits go bad. The leggings saga and sad story of my ass.

Last Winter I invested in quite a few pairs of both thin and thicker leggings in order to facilitate pantslessness.

I found that most of the cheap thin tights weight leggings I bought on Ebay were too small in the thigh or too low rise for my taste.

The tights weight leggings from Target in their 1x/2x size and I love the feel, love the colors but the thigh parts are a wee bit pinchy.

I did find one pair of smooth soft black leggings on ebay that are super awesomely comfortable BUT...I do not have enough booty to keep them firmly covering said booty. Such are the perils of having some big ass hams and a booty that does not match in terms of roundness and volume.

I had a moment when I flailed after being heartbroken about the thigh parts not fitting in a pair of bright pink and black striped leggings, I had that god damn it if I was X bit smaller I would...

Yeah no wait.

Even when I was a size 8 I always wore queen size hosiery because of my hams.

Amazing when a moment of bodily dissonance is completely canceled out by memory.


So I have on such a cute outfit but I had to layer on a sweater and I'm bitter because this is not the right sweater for this outfit and yet necessary because I get cold and the weather is not filmy sleeveless dress friendly.

I was admiring my outfit today and decided that instead of being so fucking cheap I will go ahead and buy good leggings.

This is one of the problems with slowly reubilding ones wardrobe. It can be frustrating to not have the right parts.

Slow as it is I have some pieces I love.

Now let's talk about some pieces that I would really like to save up for in my pursuit of pantslessness all year unless it snows.

I LOVE the Wonda Willow skirt from Alienskin.

Also from Alienskin I love the babydoll dress. I'm a huge fan of babydolls and am wearing one right now.

I'm also thinking I'm going to pick myself up a pair of more substantial oxfords, perhaps some ankle boots for fall.

I'm really hoping to wind up with more of an all season wardrobe with warm emergency pants.

I also really honestly seriously need to start sewing again. Frankly it's a bit daunting as I still worry about financing that endevour. Although I do fantasize about making some fabulous affordable fatty clothes.

Once upon a time I had ambitions of being something of a wee tailor. Perhaps someday.

Currently though I'm not even going to start any serious sewing projects. I don't have the room, I no longer have an iron I'd use on new fabrics and the washing machines at my apartment building like to stain things.

Do you have any wardrobe plans?

Working on a broke ass budget?

What are you lusting for? What do you save up for?

Now I must be off. I need food and to get some writing done.

Homo Out.

PS...OMG someone please tell me I don't really need high heeled ankle boots because I really don't.


maggiemunkee said...

lovie, you really don't need high heeled ankle boots. you just don't. <3

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to wear fishnets or whalenet tights but due to my generous thighs rubbing together it ends up feeling like I'm wearing a cheesegrater. So uncomfortable! I've never even made it out of my bedroom door before tearing them off and chucking them in the bin.


Rebecca said...

I've had some good luck with old navy leggings! Also, asos.com Curve range does free shipping and free returns and they sometimes have some really awesome leggings, like with velvet and lace insets, etc. - fancy.

as far as sewing cheaply, you are in the seattle area I take it? The Crown Hill value village has vintage sheets and fabric and notions for really cheap. So does the Goodwill on 8th and 65th (though it's not as good as the value village).

Also, I have some clothes in good condition that I'm parting with because they don't fit so well anymore, i don't know how you feel about taking someone else's clothes but there may be some you like or some you could alter. If you're interested, feel free to email me at rebecca at wearelargepeople dot com.

Good luck!

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