Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh right I'm supposed to be upset.

Sometimes I forget that when people say stupid things to me I'm often supposed to be angry.

For instance I got a spammy comment type thing that essentially was trying (I think) to tell me how gross I am and how much the person sending the message hates my face and my ass and doesn't want to fuck me.

I forget that when anonymous people who don't have enough of a backbone to not be anonymous don't want to fuck me I'm supposed to be upset.

I suppose I'm supposed to post a big ole flounce, remove all of my pictures from the internet and nurse my fragile ego.

I must admit I just don't understand the point of going out of your way enough to make up some silly name just to tell someone you don't think they are hot.

At one time or another this sort of thing might have hurt my feelings but quite frankly I realized I don't give a fuck.

Now how about a book report?

So a whole lot of people donated last week and I am so close. Closer than I thought I'd get to crowd funding the book.

Yours truly who never cries cried.

Happy thankful astonished tears.

I feel like the writing is almost done. I need to consult with my fantastic editor to figure out what goes next.


My cover design is about done.

I have some folks in line for some reviews.

I am so excited.

Thank you everyone who has donated, spread the word and read my words. Thank you for your messages of encouragement and support.

This has been really fucking hard my friends and I am so glad I'm doing it.

SO, for now if you want to spread my chip in more here is my chip in page. Or you can use my paypal button in the sidebar.

What else can I say?

I love you so much my homies.

Also don't forget >Kindle users get me on your kindle for a dollar a month. It's like having me in your purse. If you are like me and don't have a kindle feel free to like that page.

Okay that's all. I'm going to go bathe and bask in the glow that is your awesomeness.

Homo Out.

Did you bootyshake? One person did. Now the rest of you get on that. There will be a quiz.

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Katy said...

I don't understand why we're meant to WANT everyone to want to fuck us anyway. I mean, I 'd never get any work done.

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