Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty things.

Oh my goodness y'all.

I have written down your stretching/yoga recommendations and am going to do some research to see which i want.

Now that my fitness has been attended to can we talk about beauty and hair?

I have things to tell you about. And fair warning my homies, some of these will be affiliate links.

First up.

Okay so I am a lip product fanatic. When you look at my make up, I am ALL ABOUT lip products. I have some new ones to share with you.

High Voltage cosmetics. I met the owner over on the twitter and she's a nice lady first of all and second of all she makes the most fantastic highly pigmented lip goodies. I picked up a Lip Whip called 'Mistress' and I am in love. Full coverage deep dark dark burgundy which we know I love. Also I found that changing how I apply it and what I prep my lips with I can get a more matte looking stained finish or a satin finish or with a bit of gloss a serious wet shine awesomeness. The product is smooth, lightly minty and gorgeous.

The other thing I love is that she's indie and her prices are really reasonable for a beautiful high quality hand made product. Y'all know I love that.

Next thing is an affiliate link.

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm, 0.15 oz (Pack of 3) A while back I got a Target beauty bag in the mail. I signed up for some samples and got a full size tube of this lip balm. now I have very serious requirements for lip balm because I spend a large part of my day in an air conditioned environment and my poor lips get dry.

Looking at the first two ingredients-
Beeswax, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil,

Should tell you a lot. The beeswax is nice and soft and the mix of oils is really nice. This balm isn't super super thick but it does really moisturize which I like.

Next thing is also an affiliate link.

I am in love with Palladio Tinted Lip Balm
. Holy fucking shit y'all. I have been searching for a tinted lip balm that has a tint that is visible on my naturally dark lips and this is it.

The balm is nice and moisturizing and I find the color to be not too obnoxious. It's also surprisingly buildable so you can work up to a near lipstick finish with it. It's got a nice low key gloss and is fantastic. AND it's only 4$ so even if it's not your favorite you haven't over spent.

What else?

OH y'all remember how I spent weeks this spring bitching about my itchy skin?

So, during this whole summer guess what works? Baby wash. I use a store brand baby wash and I am itchy no more.

I am trying the creamy cocoa/shea butter baby oil lotion Johnson's makes and honestly skip it. At a glance it's very lush and creamy but the main oil component in it is mineral oil which only coats skin rather than really moisturizing. Pro tip for my homies of color: mineral oil+your hair=extra disaster. If you find you're hair is extra dry and breaks check your products. Mineral oil will keep your hair from getting properly moisturized.

That said, I will use the creamy baby oil over some whipped shea butter just because my skin gets that dry.

Now can we talk about my hair? I've talked about my hair before, and if I haven't mentioned it my hair is mostly natural right now. I'll talk about that in a later entry.

I have resolved to be more adventurous in hair. The thing is I still cannot style worth a good goddamn.

So I'm going to try and it kind of freaks me out.

First adventure, curly bangs.

If things work out in my favor I will post some crappy cell phone pictures since I haven't bought new camera batteries in pretty much forever.

Now off I go my homies.

Tomorrow, a status report on The. Book.

OH and I will talk about smell goods, aka perfumes and perfume oils later this week.

Homo out.

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