Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Okay things.

First thing as my one Kindle subscriber was so kind to point out, apparently at some point my blog was not actually available. I don't know why but I seem to have fixed it and I think if you search amazon.de/uk you should be able to subscribe by searching Daily Nattering. The US version is located here. Nudiemuse Daily Nattering

And yes I'm using Amazon affiliate links again. Don't ask.

If you can't subscribe or don't have Kindle access you can totally also leave a review (I think) or give it a thumbs up.

What else?

One of you darlings asked yesterday I think about how long it takes to make a shawl.

Well for me it depends. I started out by making the Just a triangle shawl from Laughing Purple Goldfish. That is honestly the easiest shawl I've ever done. It can work up in a matter of hours to a decent size.

Right now I've been playing with a heavily modified version of a popular Jack Frost 70's shawl pattern. Honestly I'd start with the triangle one then play around.

Speaking of crocheting I'm very close to having a store figured out. OMG. Basically the web hosting for my writing site (same company as this webspace) provides a storefront with that package so I'm going to set up basically a permanent little store with some of my long vertical stripe scarves and some of my shawls/wraps.

Now can I confess something?

I don't know what got into me but for some reason I decided earlier this summer that I just didn't need some of my self care items.

Perhaps it was the dip in my self image I had going on, I just don't know but I stopped taking my vitamins and haven't been taking awesome care of my hair or skin.

Holy shit y'all, my stubbornness did not disprove my need for these things. I thought I could bully my face into submission and be fine.

Well I'm not fine.

I feel gross.

My nails aren't in awesome shape. My skin is a.) going crazy and b.) is scarring if I look at it funny and I'm so upset.


I am putting it in writing that I am going to stop being such an asshole to myself. I'm going to get back on the wagon.

First thing is back on my vitamins. I've taken a lot of multi vitamins and various beauty supplements but the only one that has ever worked for me is this Probiotics hair nail and skin vitamin that also acts as a multi vitamin. Lemme say again these are all affiliate links. Bear with me Mama is broke.

Okay I can say after being off of these vitamins for quite a while they are the ones I need as a staple product. My skin looks and feels better, is less prone to dark marks and preperiod explosions. Also my nails are stronger and less likely to peel or split. This product=win. Bonus they aren't awful tasting and don't give me heartburn.

I also experience less shedding and breakage with my hair.

Next thing is I need to stop using facial cleansers up just because I have them. *insert big ass sigh here* I don' know what got into me (actually I do which I'll get into in a bit) but I've been using The Neutrogena Cleanser/mask and yeah it is too much for my poor face. My face is wrecked right now.

I feel like I've gone fifteen steps backwards in regard to helping my skin be happy and healthy.

I do know the problem.

At some point I decided I thought I wasn't entirely worthy of all of my self pampering and good treatment. I was being an awful girlfriend to myself.

I stopped treating myself like a fucking queen because I felt less than and I'm so done with that.

So to that end I am reinstuting a few things in my life.

The first thing I did was give my hair a much needed little trim. Yes I cut my hair myself. No it's not perfect but I bun so it's good. I got rid of my raggedy ass ends and gave myself the most lovely deep conditioning treatment.

I also exfoliated the hell out of my ass and then moisturized all over and it was lovely.

I restarted taking my joint supplement.

After that I need to invest in appropriate skin cleanser, creamy moisturizers for hair and body.

I need to remember how it feels to treat myself like I am in fact the Dowager Queen of All Fatassia.

The moral of this little story is that remember, sometimes it's hard to love the one closest to you. Sometimes it's really fucking hard to remember that you need to be nice to yourself because sometimes you're all you've got. And because really if you can't spare yourself some kindness how can you give anyone else some?

Now go forth my homies and haters. Be kind to yourself. Say something nice to yourself, use your fancy products, take a nap. Do something to remind yourself that you can be loved and are worth a few minutes of your own time.

Homo Out.


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