Friday, September 30, 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom. Black Goth Hair.

First I have to quote this from the comment wellroundedtype2 left on this post:

You are an astronaut of sorts, and others will follow. You allow all sorts of new channels to flow.

I have been chewing on that and first what a beautiful thing to say thank you.

Now I have to tell you how wonderful and amazing to me it is that someone who doesn't know me personally could sum up so many of my core values in two small sentences.

In my world over the years I have often thought (my deep inside thoughts, I don't normally say these things out loud but fuck it) that I have done a lot of spelunking in the universe, all alone like an astronaut.

Well not an astronaut precisely, rather like some Space Cowgirl all alone in the universe discovering shit.

What I'm going to talk to y'all about today in Black Goth entry #2 is hair.

Now when I was a wee BabyBat there were not (again, this is a running theme) Black folks I could look around and see with crazy hair. Maybe the odd Black lady with ash blond hair but nothing like I wanted.

Now I have done many colors and sadly don't have photos of all of them but let me show you some of my favorites.

For Black folks your first (and in my head best if you like to change it up) option is wigs. I've owned many.

Wait let's start smaller than that. Fake ponytails.

I have been a lover and rocker of fake ponytails for almost 18 years. This one (I think this pic is about 8-9 years old)

I made that ponytails with some cheap weave hair. You can put all your hair into a bun or two buns, then wrap the weave tracks around, pin them down securely and don't whip your hair back and forth too much.

Um..okay a lot of the following pictures are old scanned in pictures that I don't have dates for. We'll go one by one.

This look was when I had purple hair that was relaxed and I wore it in big loose curls kind of Marilyn Monroe ish. This picture was taken in Pioneer square outside of the now long gone Catwalk club after a Fetish Fashion show.

Black folks, purple hair is beautiful but very hard to maintain especially if you have relaxed hair. You have to constantly battle dryness and breakage from the processes and frankly unless you're hair is very short I don't recommend it.

Next up after a disasterous run of ugly braids I made Uniballer cut my hair. Well I started and he helped and it resulted in my favorite hair ever. The Bright Purple Butch Brush cut.

Again, relaxed hair with purple dye. Super beautiful. I felt amazingly sexy but in the long run the up keep was awful.

This shot is one of my favorite wigs ever. This was a plain black bob cut wig I purchased at a wig store here in Seattle. To make wigs look a bit more natural you can soak them in a mix of apple cider vinegar and water to take some of the shine down. You can also rough them up a bit with combing/brushing to give them a more realistic appearance if you're going for realness.

Personally I don't give a damn about realness if I'm wearing fake hair. I just don't.

You can also incorporate head wraps into your aesthetic. This is something I only figured out in adulthood but I do really love a sleek black wrap with a gothy outfit.

There are tons of ways to wear a head wrap. I only have mastered a few but this was my earliest look with a headwrap:

Another view:

Over the years and the many hair styles I've learned that if I want to emulate a particular look and it involves things that my hair just does not do or should not do, when in doubt try a wig first.

In these days of having all the tutorials and learning tools you could ever want I really suggest my young Black Goth homies that you learn how to braid. Learn how to attach a temporary weave. Lean to dye weave hair. IF you want to learn something from your own aging cranky ass old Goth learn that.

At 34 I'm bored with my hair and frustrated because there are so many things I never learned. Learn them.

These days my hair is natural and I've been wearing it in buns. I've finally sort of figured out how to wear an afropuff-

Be glad (I almost typed young Padawans) my homies that you have all these styling resources at your fingertips.

That being what it is I am going to be bleaching some Bride of Frankenstein style white streaks at the temples in my hair.


Because I want to.

Next week I'll get more into some of the things I used to deal with when I was rocking my crazy hair or extensions.

This fluff brought to you by me missing being a Dye Hard and having a jones to change up my hair.


Veronica said...

"bleaching some Bride of Frankenstein style white streaks at the temples in my hair." Sounds like such a great idea! I can see it in my head, and it looks awesome! :)

Nonny said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile but somehow I missed you were in Seattle! *waves from a fellow goth in Olympia* :)

Catherine Leary said...

Okay, the bride of Frankenstein streaks? Will look awesome and totally hot.

I looooove the purple butch brush cut. Love it, love it. You were fucking adorable. I understand about the upkeep, though. I had the purple hairs in my teens and they were a bitch and a half to maintain.

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