Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty, self care and a bonus review of Derma E cleanser.

First a review.

I wasn't going to do one but I feel the need to tell y'all something.

So I am signed up with this website Influenster which I think I mentioned at some point before. Basically I got a box of all natural goodies to try out for free. It is kind of awesome and I do recommend signing up.

We all know that I am a beauty product lover.

I am also someone with super sensitive super oily skin and I've been forever on the hunt for not just a cleanser but The. Cleanser.

My darlings, I'm in love.

I recieved a full sized bottle of Derma E's Very Clear Problem Skin Cleanser. It was actually the last thing I tried in the box because I was very afraid that my skin would react negatively.

My skin is so picky and sensitive that I'd been using just my babywash on it which while it got my face clean wasn't really working to keep it clear.

Holy crap.

This cleanser. THIS CLEANSER.

First impression was that it smells like awesome. The combo of their major active ingredients as stated on the website:

Key Ingredients:

Tea Tree
Willow Bark

This combo works for me. Normally most anti acne or skin clearing products are too harsh and my face will burn, peel or have a massive set of break outs.

As with any new facial product I wait for at least a month before I make my decision about it. I need to make it through my menstrual cycle before I decide because if something is going to irritate my skin the time it is going to happen is during my period.

My skin is doing so well.

My skin feels moist and not stripped. My breakouts, even my PMS oh *CRAP* breakout was minor, my skin is calm. My face isn't itchy. My skin doesn't feel annoyed after I rinse the cleanser off of my face.

The big test is using it twice daily. Once in the morning and once at night. During the day the amount of break through oil I have on my face is fairly minimal.

Other people have noticed that my skin looks better even though I'm using more sheer foundation.

Here is where we need to talk about self care.

This product costs 15$.

That doesn't seem like a lot to lot of people but to me I've been on the fence.

I've talked it over with my partner Uniballer and I will be buying it again.

The thing is that even though we might be kind of broke I do feel like it's worth it to buy this product because it makes my skin feel and look good. My skin looking and feeling good makes me feel good on the inside.

Fact is, of the many things that sometimes screw with my self esteem, my skin is usually the #1 culprit.

This is something I've struggled with and cried over and been devastatingly depressed about off and on for 20 years.

I've spent so much time being self conscious about how oily my skin is, the scars and dark marks on my face, the chicken pox scar on my forehead that tends to catch the light and all the money I've spent on fade creams, anti acne, prescriptions etc none of it ever worked and it always made me sad.

As I head for my official mid-30's I decided that I don't want to feel that way all the time. I don't want to be embarrassed and have my irritated busted up skin be the thing that ruins my day.

So it's worth the 15$. It's worth it to feel an actual difference in my skin. It's worth it to me to not be constantly having painful irritation. To not be peeling and so greasy my face looks wet.

To conclude my homies. If you have skin that is prone to violent freak outs and you like the smell of tea tree oil I highly suggest this cleanser. If you can spend 15$ on it, give it a shot.

The lesson here is that sometimes even a small thing like a new skin cleanser can make all the difference in your day. Yes some people think that's stupid and that's okay. They don't need to get it. The only person who needs to feel good about your self care practices is you.

Do your thing.

Homo Out.

NO WAIT. PS. My homies, tell me what new or usual things you're doing to support yourself and care for yourself. Do we want to talk about self care more?


maggie said...

once i have some dollars i am buying that cleanser. and your smashwords essays. just fyi. <3

Bethany said...

It seems like a great cleanser. My skin is also sensitive and I might just try this out.


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