Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My triumphant return.

As I was reading through some of my favorite blog posts today I came across this deliciousness:
(also seriously if kink freaks you out don't read his blog)

started a post with this statement:
I am a predator. Beware. I come not with a sneak attack, but with fangs bare. I come to seduce you then hurt you and fuck you. I come for your women, and in fact your men, and anyone else capable of consent. This is who I am and what I do.

Now aside from this being a sexy fucking statement this resonates with me so much. Down to my bones.

I've been sitting on some spam-ish comments where readers/people I've offended have complained about some things. Among the things said I am apparently guilty of the following:

  • Being indecent
  • Having a foul mouth
  • Being a fucking bitch
  • Not being nice
  • Of giving shitty advice
  • Of giving advice that "supports" someone in their impending sluthood.

I don't know how many times I've said it, this is my fucking litterbox.

I have never once promised to be Dalai Lama like in my musings. I have never claimed that I am trying to be Dear Abby who will tell you which fork to use. That is not why 99% of the people who read anything I ever write read me.

Here are the facts.

I don't have to do fuck all but be Black and die.

I have not and will not ever promise to be nice. I will not and will never promise to be 'clean'. I will not, have not and will never cease to be who I actually am in order to please you, your mama or anyone else.

I have tried over the years of being on the Fatosphere and in the fat blogging arena to be nice but some of y'all are pissing me off.

So, that said here it is. My Official Word On all Subject Matter in this here blog.

I will say and talk about whatever the fuck I want to.

For those who sent me "concerned" notes pointing to my lack of fatcentricness. I never have claimed to be solely blogging or talking about fat things. My whole life is not about fat things.

I starting blogging under this name long before I was ever tapped to take part in FA.

If these things make you think I am not just a mother fucker but The Mother Fucker that's just fine. There are lots of blogs to read.

These notes are also why my posts slowed down way more. I wasn't entirely certain how I wanted to deal. Then Saynine Sexypants quote there pushed my Mother Fucker button.

In the spirit of his opening shot here's what is about to happen.

I'm going to talk about whatever I want to. This is probably going to include things like food, race, sex, kink, fetishes, my other writing, my ass, my boobs and whatever else.

For the person who "counseled" me against putting my actual name on all my writing lest some future publisher takes issue with the erotica I've written or the sex advice I've given. Fuck them and fuck you too.

What has brought this on my darlings?

Two things.

First good news, the essays are DONE. My editor and I are about to get down to the details about a firm release date. These essays were hard. It was far more difficult for me to let myself be authentically me and really say some shit. Some of the things I talk about in my essays will hurt you. That's not the only intention and it's not my sadistic streak popping up. They hurt to write and they are going to hurt to read.

I also talk about some things I have never told anyone. Not even my best friend. Not. One. Soul.

So that's happening.

Second good news, end of this week or the beginning of next week I'm going to have a small collection of fiction out via smashwords. Included with these tiny fictions are some notes about how or why I wrote them.

Third good news. I'M BACK BABIES!

I am ready to resume regular posting.

Things are kicking off. I have some sexytimes advice FOR A BOY!! He's a Bear and he's wanting to get kinky. YAY. OMG I LOVE BEARS!!!!...ahem sorry. I'm still squeeing.

Now I am probably going to ask for a lot of support in the coming months. I'm going to need y'all to help me spread links around and I may ask for moral support when I get nervous.

Meanwhile I have some stuff for you to look at.

You can see all of my currently available writing at my writing website. Feel free to share my link with your homies.

I also have some non fiction sex writing that's going to be published soon.

Kindle users. You can get this here shiny blog on your kindle here. AND now you can get my writing specific blog via kindle as well. MORE SHANNON on the go.

As always if you want sexytimes or any other kind of advice you can go right here and ask me anything you want to know.

Yes, even you trolls go on ahead and get your troll on if you have to.

Everyone else I love you my homies and haters. I truly do.

Homo Out.

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