Friday, October 14, 2011

Sexytime advice for a Bear.

Sexytime advice?


Okay our homie whom we'll call ChubbyBear emailed me and in order to protect his anonymity I'm going to paraphrase.

Okay for those who aren't in the Gay Lexicon knowlege club we're talking about Bears today. Not GRRR IMMA EAT YOU BEARS..rather no wait go read this at wikipedia.

Our friend ChubbyBear has moved to a new city and settled in comfortably and is looking for the Bear of his dreams to romp around with and be all cute and hairy with.

ChubbyBear's only real problem right now is finding fellow chubby bears. Where he's originally from, he was pretty well plugged in and didn't mess about with internet meets and whatnot so here is what I'm going to suggest can work for anyone who needs to meet some folks.

First thing is if you don't have one already sign up for Fetlife. Over at Fetlife you can meet every kind of kinky person you might want to. And in a lot of the country you can find local people to hang out with. make sure you check out events in your area. Everything from casual munches (meet and greets with food) to play parties to JO (Jack off) parties. ALL THE KINKY THINGS.

Aside from doing the Fetlife thing there are smart phone apps for hook ups. ChubbyBear if you're looking for some hookups do some looking. I cannot remember what the name of the application I'm thinking of is but I'm sure you can find it.

ChubbyBear since you didn't mention shyness I also say go hang out with the other gays. If you're into volunteering do some googling for your city and find out about your local Pride organization. Volunteer to help build floats or do other stuff.

You also don't have to stay just inside the gay community. Does your city have sexy art events? Are there other types of things you like to go to? Go to them.

Here's the thing I've noticed in Seattle.

A lot of events intersect in fantastic ways that cut through whatever other distinctions.

An event might not be labeled as being a gay or queer event but, you get to meet people who might be like minded. And those like minded people might become your new friends or they might know awesome people and introduce them to you.

So the short version of my advice ChubbyBear is be your fabulous self, talk to people. Do your thing.

Okay I turn the tables to you my homies. Do you have any super seekrit awesome advice for ChubbyBear? How do you meet new people to perhaps get naked with?

What ARE single people doing these days?


Oh my darlings.


I give you my first small fiction/poetry collection.


Click the image to buy.

Here's the lowdown.

Short collection of prose and poetry by author Shannon Barber. Each work is presented to the reader with a short introduction about how the piece came about, all stories and poems are presented unedited and in the original state they were written.

My intention with this collection is to push back a little of the curtain between idea and what most readers get to see. I'm giving you a chunk of my writing raw and how it came out of my head. A few of the pieces are very old, written in my early 20's.

Each piece comes with a little bit about the writing of it. In some cases what I was going after and how I felt about it. I want this to be pleasurable for both average readers and for other writers.

Now it costs 4$ and honestly I don't suggest purchasing the plain text. Download the PDF or the ereader versions.

If you can't afford to buy a copy right now there are a million other ways you can support my little adventure.

If you're on Goodreads come be my friend at my brand spanking new shiny author page here.

You can like my Amazon author page, ask me questions and pass it along to your friends.

In other news. I'm looking at a first week of November release for my essays.

I am so excited.


I am starting to enjoy this indie DIY thing a lot.

Now my homies, go forth and frolic. Do the things that make you feel sassy.

And thank you, all of you for all of the wonderful support and the comments and the awesomeness you've displayed over the years. I really appreciate all of you. Yes even you lurkers I love you too.

Homo Out.

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