Thursday, November 03, 2011

But the food science...

Okay to continue from yesterday today I'm going to talk about the trap of relying solely on food science as a supposed basis to form opinions about fat people or any people at all.

So for our purposes today let's agree that yes there is a lot of good food science. Science tells us many many things, yes I am pretty sure a large percentage of us know basic nutrition facts.

That said, food science and especially conversations about food science are not intersectional.

When I have had these conversations it boils down to well food science says eating satyr poop is better for you so why aren't you eating satyr poop and be healthy like I am.

The biggest problem is that the people who harp on food science rarely if ever come from a place that demonstrates the basics of intersectionality, privilege and the bugaboo of of bossy ass people everywhere, personal choice.

The idea that since food science says X it is absolutely positively right and everyone who doesn't follow, doesn't agree, doesn't eat in X way is somehow ignorant and must be educated or condescended to.

These people rarely ever talk about the realities of access to the fancy food that is supposedly so damn good for everyone. They say why would you EVER eat fast food when for the same price you can get all this organic lettuce?

Fuck that.

The fact is that eating lettuce all day will do fuck all for me.

Fuck. All.

My body the way it works and functions in a good way I need some sugar, protein and fats.

I don't give a tin red hot shit what food science says. I know how my body works.

If I need energy and I have two dollars in my pocket I would rather get a little bullshit burger than buy say ONE piece of organic anything.

In the neighborhood I work in if I go to the grocery store before work I often am on the receiving end of shitty comments or serious side eye when I buy basically any food.

For instance a few weeks ago I had a major craving for some shitty safeway fake Chinese food. I got my rice bowl, a fruit cup and a sparkly water. A satisfying amount of food to snack on all day.

Seattle being Seattle instead of speaking directly to me the woman behind me looked at the side of my face and addressed her lady friend extolling the evils of processed foods, the calories, the salt and how some people will just destroy their bodies.

I looked at her and noticed that she wasn't addressing her comments to her thin friend who was holding a soda and a candy bar.

I stared at her until she got uncomfortable and got in another line.

There is the problem with the people who rely on food movements, food science, nutritional science or the evil food of the year to base their judgements of people on.

First of all no it's really none of your goddamn business what I eat when you are not paying for my food, when you are not living in my body or any time whatever.

Secondly, again someone having a visibly different body yes even if they are super super super really fat doesn't tell you everything about what they do or don't eat.

Thirdly, it is not your place to voice your judgements to people.

The thing is you can think whatever you want to. Do you think my fat ass is gross? Great. Hate how my big fat thighs look in skinny jeans? Awesome.

What is neither great nor awesome is the idea that you have the right to take up my time with your opinions about my body.

You don't.

And if you do, don't expect me to break down in tears like we're on Oprah and declare you Captain Save a Fatty and tell you how much your shitty comments designed to make me feel bad have changed my life.

No fuck you.

Don't think my body is attractive? Fine. Do I need to know that from every random person? No I don't.

Our brains don't have loud speakers for a reason. And I'm not talking about being PC, I'm not talking about even being polite I'm saying I don't give a fuck if you think I'm gross or attractive. I give less of a fuck if I don't know you.

Furthermore, when you engage in this kind of behavior with me here's what I immediately think.

You are really insecure and must make sure to voice that via telling me how gross you think I am. You have no sense of autonomy. You have control issues because let's be honest here, if you really believe that you are the one true knower of all things body related deep down you just want to boss people around.

If you spout obesity epidemic talking points at me, I will think that in some things you are easily led and have no understanding of bias. If you come at me with ZOMFG FATASS YOUS GONNA DIE..I may want to remind you that ZOMFG SKINNY ASS YOUS GONNA DIE TOO.

IF you want to lecture me about all of the awful fat things, I may want to lecture you right back about the long term dangers of yo yo dieting, about how for me and my body it is far more damaging to eat in radically restrictive ways. I may want to lecture you that foisting disordered behavior on me even if you know me is not an appropriate thing to do.

If you do actually care about food and the well being of your fellow humans how about you read up on things like accessibility to food?

Read up beyond OH SHIT POOR PEOPLE ARE FAT and investigate the prevalence of the foods you think are evil versus the availability of fresh and foods you deem good in poor and urban areas.

Use your noodle and instead of bitching at random people on the street bitch at the FDA and the mega corporations who put a whole lot of bad shit into our food.

If you think fast food is evil don't eat it.

If you think soda is evil don't drink it.

Don't proselytize your diet (as in what and how you eat not weightloss) to other people. If they ask go at it but offering your "advice" when it's neither asked for nor wanted is fucking rude.

Learn to accept that a.) we're all going to die and b.) there is no one true way to live. Learn to accept that you are not going to find everyone in the world attractive and that is okay. Understand that no one has an obligation moral or otherwise to conform to your personal beliefs about your body, food, health etc.

Learn to accept that some people fat or thin eat food you find disgusting. It is going to keep happening because you are not the boss of every palate and person.

Learn the real ramifications of the American health care system beyond damn you fat asses type rhetoric.

If you look at fat people and start having many feelings that may or may not include disgust deal with that shit. If you are troubled when you see a jiggly ass chances are it's not because you "care" so much, it's probably more deeply rooted in your feelings about your own ass, so handle that shit.

If you can't do any of these things do this.

Don't contribute to making life for fat people suck. Being fat in this world is fucking hard. Whether it's trying to buy a pair of pants, trying to get a health problem dealt with, trying to not lose your shit on people when they say rude things to you all of those things.

If you are so evolved and care so much stop participating in worsening the quality of life for people who's ass isn't exactly like yours or your idea of what an ass should be.

It is really not that hard.

Okay I'm done with this for the day.

Tomorrow (inspired by a convo with someone on tumblr I want to talk about reconciling internets FA with your actual life and how hard it is sometimes.

Homo Out.

Where are my fatties doing Nanowrimo? How about a post about that next week?


Tanz33 said...

Fuck yes!

I had a supermarket encounter the other day like this, where the woman behind me was bemoaning my food choices to her friend. Specifically she was upset that fat ol' me wasn't buying any fruit or veges.

I was pretty frigging angry that she'd do that and especially in front of my kids but there were two things that made me laugh to myself a little despite my rage. One was that the reason I wasn't buying any fruit and veg was because I get it at a local market which is much cheaper than the supermarket (we're on a really tight budget, so every cent counts). And secondly - what was she buying? Expensive wine and organic salad. Silly bitch.

Helena said...

Honestly, if these people would put 1/10th of the energy they put into trying to decide what everyone eats and instead put it towards solving world hunger, we would have a lot fewer hungry folks. Just sayin'.

The thing is that no matter what, food production and sale is a tool of capitalism. And the companies make money at both ends of the spectrum. They make it by making fat people feel bad about their bodies so they buy expensive foods and diet treaments. They make it on the other end by making thin people feel the same anxiety and sell them the same products.

In the end, everyone dies. Why not worry more about making life good for people who have less than you do instead of judging what someone has in their grocery cart? Our priorities are messed up.

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