Friday, December 30, 2011

Here's to being a ridiculous human being.

This entry is dedicated to my dear friend Dennis Cooper and all my fellow dl's. Also note readers Dennis' blog is for real not work safe today.

In the comments the other day I mentioned that I am engaging in being a completely ridiculous human being,

First hello internet my name is Shannon and I am a human cartoon character.

I make strange noises, I lose my balance in strange ways yet remain upright. I drool when I laugh really hard, I flap my hands when I'm at all over excited or over tired. I randomly emit squawks and squeaks.

Now in order to support my ridiculousness I am particularly shameless about it.

As y'all have heard me say many times over.

I gives no fucks.

For instance today I am wearing very grown up black slacks, my burgundy knee high doc martens, a velvet hoody.

Then from the neck up I left the house with very shiny slightly glittery lipgloss, purple winged glitter eye liner and two buns on the top of my head.

I got a lot of what is called side eye. Those nasty looks people will shoot you when they do not get what you are doing with yourself.

I meet those eyes. I stare until they look at something else.


Because, my darlings. I do not give a fuck.

I haven't been sleeping well per usual and have been feeling my usual holiday angst. Glitter liner makes me happy. So today I wore glitter liner.

I will listen to Slayer on my headphones while I crochet a shawl on the bus.

I will read books with beautiful tattooed women on the covers  in public.(Note Ms. Sarah wrote that and is on the cover and she is in fact that beautiful for real)  And when stupid people think that is a cue to hit on me or otherwise engage me when I very clearly am not having it, I will not be nice.

I will wear things that make me happy, I will read things that bring me joy, I will present myself to the world in whatever manner I please.

If I want to I will stop dead in my tracks while walking in the store and do a little dance.

I save all my fucks and all my love for the things that matter to me.

I am not afraid to be ridiculous, love my ridiculousness and fly that flavor of freak flag for the world.

So, Dennis, my fellow dl's, my homies, my haters.

Don't be afraid to get stupid.

Do the Humpty Dance with one hand on your crotch and holding up the middle finger of the other.

Wear a tutu.

I am not talking about the fluffy kind of breezy let go type shit here.

I'm talking about looking at yourself, nodding and saying I do not give a fuck.

I'm not saying you have to go buck wild. I'm not saying you should walk into your corporate day job and start kicking cubicles over.

Sometimes yes, even if we don't give a fuck we still need to blend and get along.

I am talking about owning the actuality of not giving a single fuck.

Let it show in your eyes. Let it show in how you carry yourself.

If that means you are going to walk with your head up and booty out, if you are going to swish, stomp skip whatever.

You'd be amazed how effective simply having the knowledge that you don't give a fuck show up in your eyes can be.

I want everyone to have the experience and carry that little secret thing inside. If you have to work a job you hate, keep how much you don't give a fuck inside.

If you don't have that restriction don't give a fuck as loud and often as you can.

In the last few years, I've found the fucks I don't give have freed me to be more passionate about the things I do give a fuck about. I love harder. I write better. I write more. I have been more successful and yes, fuck it I will say it I am shedding fears like pin feathers.

This is my last entry for the year.

When I come back we are going to talk about separating your ideas and thoughts from what society tells you to think about ugliness, beauty etc.

I am also going to be putting out another small unedited collection of things for you to read.

In case you missed it you can buy a little ebook collection of unedited naked fiction and poetry by me on smashwords. All proceeds will be going most likely towards the petticoat I have been saving up for.

Get it here at smashwords. Four bucks y'all.

If you want to read this blog or my writing blog on kindle find links to get those here and here.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year. Yes even those of you who only come here to get ragey and don't like me. You too.

All my loves and kisses my darlings. See you on the flipside.

Homo Out.

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_Black_Acrylic said...

Yeah I heartily endorse ridiculousness! Although I myself am the very opposite, preferring instead to walk a fine line between the ridiculous and its other, respectability. I always wear a shirt and tie to work. But my my thoughts and beliefs, if anyone else could really know me, well they would be surprised.

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