Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Round Two, Questioning Ugly.

To recap I left you my darlings with some homework before New Years.

You have homework my darlings.

I want you to think about, process and take in the truth.

This is the truth. Neither you nor I will ever be Western Beauty Ideal beautiful.

Never. Ever.

Think about that and if you can make it, think about the honest truth about what impact that will or won't have on your life or has or hasn't had on your life.

Now today let's talk about that.

The first thing we need to understand is that the ideal, the Western Beauty Ideal is a lie. It is a long standing lie that less than .5% of the population will ever live up to for a sustainable period of time.

How do we know this?

Think about the way people react in the media when any celebrity, model, or other "beautiful" figure is seen not looking freshly retouched.

They talk about the shame, oh so and so must be ill, they are fat, they are "unkempt", he must have been on a bender etc etc.

The words in the photo spreads are always aggressive and hateful with a side dish of shaming.

In the summer magazines pit woman vs woman for best and worst beach bodies.

You look at a magazine cover and a model or familiar actress is so heavily retouched you don't know who they are for a minute.

Think about that, the fact is when these beautiful people are exposed as being regular human beings who are yes attractive but are not really attractive enough to be seen as so beautiful unless they have been retouched to mannequin like dolly perfection, how is it that there is any truth to the actuality of their supposed mega beauty?

If these images of supposedly perfect beauty are altered routinely to the point of being unrecognizable that my loves is a lie.

Now let's think about this.

How good of an idea is it to base your personal ideology about beauty and what beauty is on a lie?

Yes, you need to let that sink in.

If you need help, fire up that google machine in another window or tab and search this phrase in images: celebrity retouching.

Look at those images closely. Take in that the "perfect" people are not perfect enough to be presented to the believing public without being thinned out, their make up fixed, their hair changed, their skin plasticized.


When you're done with that I want you to look at yourself.

Look at yourself.

Look at your face that has pores, you might be sweaty, you might have some pimples, you might be washed out, you might be pasty, you might have a moustache, you might have an uneven skin tone, wrinkles, etc etc.

Just like the people whom you are told are The Beautiful People.

Now your homework.

At this point we need to think about who gets to tell us these things.

I want you to really think about this before you answer it to yourself or to me.

Do trust people who habitually lie to you?

Do you let people who never tell you the truth make your decisions?

This is hard. We know some people are going to lie to us forever. Sometimes those are people we love and who are important to us.

In this case we also need to ask ourselves, do we trust the people who have taught us and are continually shoving Western Beauty Ideals and Ideas about Ugliness at us.

If you do find you trust them, revisit the fact that they lie. Ask yourself why you believe people are blatantly lie to you to cost you money and ultimately hurt you.

If you find that no, you don't trust them. Ask yourself if you don't trust them, why are you letting them make decisions about your ideas and feelings?

Now to remind everyone we're not talking about macro scale societal change here because I don't believe that this sort of thing can be changed on an institutional level like that.

However I do believe that as we as individuals on a micro level start changing our thinking, those changes lead to changes in spending and how we live our lives.

Now I do want reports back darlings.

How are you feeling? What are you thinking?

Homo Out.

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Cayora said...

The difficulty I have is in knowing that even if I perceive myself as beautiful, or if I manage to not care if I'm ugly, I know that other people are judging me. I know that I would be deeply hurt if someone made a comment, no matter how much I tell myself I won't care. I worry that my appearance has or will cost me friends. How did you get beyond it? Was it just experience? Or am I strangely sensitive in this regard?

Anyway, thank you so much for this series of posts. I always look forward to reading your work.

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