Monday, February 20, 2012

Beauty, birthday incoming and other fluff.

My darlings, guess what?

I'm almost officially 35.

I also have a plan.

As of my 35th birthday I am re-embracing how gloriously trashy I like to look.

I am calling it Operation Trashy at 35.

It is starting with me FINALLY seriously learning how to do my hair.

My hair has been natural for a couple of years now and you guys, my hairs are beautiful. However I've been wearing it in a bun for so long and I"m kind of not good at styling. BUT I am GOING to have some big ass curly hair once warmer weather hits.

To further hair fabulousness I'm also going red. Dark red that will make my head glow in the sun. Phase 1 of that plan was completed last night. Pics when my hair is dry.

What else?

I have been thrifting and collecting pieces of clothing. Slips, fuzzy wraps, sheer things.

Also fashion tip for my fatties and non fatties alike, also really fat fat fatties.

Seriously if you have a Fashion Bug store in your area keep your eye on it. They had a big sale this weekend and I got about 150$ worth of stuff for 60$. Including a weird maxi dress, this shark bite cardigan I've been eye fucking for months, a lacy tshirt that I am SO excited to have and some nail polish (I couldn't resist) AND a bracelet. The dress and cardigan alone would have been over 100 if not for the clearance and sale.

Another word about fashion bug. My Fat Goths. FB is an excellent resource for individual things that are easy to goth up. Also their sizing in knit wear tends to be pretty stretchy/fudgeable so if they don't have something in your exact size always ALWAYS try a size down or up.

I am serious my homies.

Now what else?

OH right.

So my beauty aesthetic as far as what make up I'm wearing lately has shifted from so many super bright eye looks to lots of cat eye liner, messy smokey eyes and big ass purple, blackened red or black lips.

Something about a deep deep bloody dark lip makes me feel so fucking glamorous. Can we talk about some of my favorite lippies right now?

My newest love from the always wonderful Fyrinnae (not just their products I love them too) is this Lip Lustre called Diabolic Masquerade. I haven't seen it on someone pale skinned but on me, it is magnificent.

For serious.

Also again my broke friends, do check out indie companies for eyeshadows and other glam supplies. A lot of companies do very affordable samples and for 10-20 bucks you can find a lot of pretty things to try.

Also I've gone back to Fyrinnae's loose powder for oily skin. It has ruined me for all other loose powders as Mac Blot Powder has ruined me for all other pressed powder.

Super oily skin or no I prefer an unnatural matte face. It's just how I like and those products give it to me.

Also other notes on turning 35.

I find it interesting that contrary to the dire predictions of several doctors I had in my mid-twenties I am not a gazillion pounds and housebound. Yes, I did actually have a doctor suggest to me that was my fate because I told her I stopped exercising as much because it was a.) exacerbating my insomnia which was antithetical to why I'd upped my work outs to begin with and b.) was causing me so much pain sometimes I had trouble walking.

I am not right now the fattest I've ever been. I think at my fattest I was a solid 18-20 and am right now right smack ass between a 14 and 16 in clothes from most stores.

I forget what else I was going to say about that.

Right, birthday trashy and whatnot.

My birthday is March 16 and I'm still not entirely sure how I'm celebrating exactly.

What else?

Incoming righty right.

I have a confession to make my homies. Finishing the rewrites on my essays has been holy shitfuck hard.

I am of the mind that it's not good if it doesn't hurt but goddamn y'all. I am not really ready to release them and I feel awful about that. I feel like a lying ass liar because you guys can't really see how much work I've put into them yet and I'm afraid everyone will hate them once I get them out.

So yeah that's where I am at with them. I think I'm going to make myself put them away for a month and come back to it.

I'm also working on other things and I'm frankly really freaked out and elated.


These feelings happening at the same time in my heart are making me more generally freaked out than usual, which is a lot.

So yeah. That is where I am at.

I am okay and contentish I'm just full of many feelings and I'm not sure what exactly to do with them all.

Other fluffy things.

If any of you sees or um knows about any black smooth leather (or pleather) Torrid flatish OTK boots in black please send the Fat Signal and let me know. My Spring aesthetic is SCREAMING for black OTK boots. I prefer no pointy toe and no scrunching but will suffer either of those if I must.

Okay now my darlings I'm off to do research about doing my hairs.

And later this week I'll remember to post my various wishlist links since two of you remembered that my birthday is coming and asked.

Homo Out.

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maggiemunkee said...

some day i will visit seattle and we will celebrate your birthday and my lupiversary, which fall on the same day.

there will be fanciness and cupcakes and tea.

i also now want to buy fyrinnae loose powder. i entirely blame you. :D

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