Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh well whoops.

SO apparently I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus.

I could say that I had nothing to say but that wouldn't be true.

I'm gonna be honest.

As I started my posts about beauty last November, in the ensuing months I started to see other posts and articles and things around the internets that were basically saying a lot of the same things I was.

I'm not going to post links and rant and rave but I will say that I felt somehow icky.

I saw some of this stuff in blogs where I know the bloggers read me and it felt icky.

And I kept feeling icky about it.

So I've been flailing and avoiding it.

I still feel weird and I've talked it over with a few people and I finally decided to calm down. I'm okay.

I will also continue the ugly posts but right now I want to talk about the kerfluffle over Karl Lagerfeld saying Adele is too fat and the response by Margaret Cho.

First thing is how is anyone ever surprised about the shit that comes out of Karl Lagerfeld's mouth?

He's been notoriously bitchy about fat people for years.

I mean seriously people?

Also let's be real about context here.

In the world of pop singers, starlets and fashion Adele is fatty fat fat fat. She's also stated on numerous occasions that she does not publicly give a damn if people say she's fat.

And Karl, back to Karl.

Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion designer. There are very few if any designers who do coutoure who have any real idea of what the bodies of average women look like. That is a fact my friends.

No matter how much any designer says they love women they don't love the actual bodies of actual women. They love idealized versions of womens bodies.

Even non famous designers can't deal with actual women. Watch any "real" women episode of Project Runway and the like and the thought of hips and thighs sends designers into fits of OH NOOOOOOOOOO OH SHIT.

Now on to Margaret.

Full disclosure I have been a Margaret Cho fan girl since the first time I saw her do stand up on TV.

I have fucking loved her like I wanted to be her girlfriend/little sister/everything.

Here's her response to Karl as reposted at Jezebel.

I have a lot of issues/feelings about this.

The first being why go so hard for someone famous who at least publicly is doing just fine?

I mean yes Adele's feelings might have been hurt but in the grand scheme of things she's fine.

Unlike the rest of us, Adele has stylists and people to make sure her already pretty self looks fantastic and that's great.

Where was this fire for say Gabourey Sidibe? Who frankly is in a far more vulnerable position as a fat person who is not only fat in Hollywood but also Black in Hollywood?

Where is that fire and that response for those of us wandering around fat in the every day world?

Also while yes I'm really glad Margaret is in a better place with her own body image, I'm having the feeling that the YAY ALL BODIES is not really there.

For instance I've emailed her people (whomever does merch for her website) and her numerous times over the last few years because I've wanted to purchase merch and support her because she's a beloved artist but I'm sized out. See here. I've never gotten a response.

I'd even be happy with a too bad so sad fatty type answer because it would be an answer.

Here's the thing.

For every celebrity who is either not fat anymore or wasn't fat to begin with who says love your body, I want to see something more than words behind that.

By that I mean don't just tell me you love my fatass, show me. Make the effort to provide merch. Go that hard for people who aren't mainstream pretty and already famous.

This isn't' personal to Margaret because as I said I fucking love her, this is just what reading her response triggered in my brain.

It's the same way I feel about stars of varying sorts who give a lot of lip to the I love my body and then debut their brand new ever so much better bodies.

It just leaves me kinda cold.

That's all I have to say about that.

Now what else my darlings?

In my unintended absence I've been writing up a wee storm. Find all of my up to date writing news here.

And before we get back to the posts about ugliness I want you all to do something.

Look at someone on the street and imagine what your life would be like if that random person didn't find you attractive.

Go ahead and do it, pick anyone.

Let that marinate and I will see you all tomorrow my darlings.

Homo Out


Anonymous said...

I am really fat, deathfat, and I just assume that the vast majority of people on the street don't find me attractive. Having a "pretty face" isn't that helpful either 'cause I have acne, rosacea and oily skin.

It hurts to feel so ugly sometimes.

JS said...

Lagerfeld is formerly fat and just over-the-top with his anti-fat crap. I presume this is tied up with some kind of self-loathing thing he has going on, but I wish he would work whatever issues he is having out in private, not by insulting women in the public media.

JS said...

And I often see stuff in higher-profile blogs and what-not that I have seen you discuss here...and I always think your take on it is more complex. I can only imagine that that must be frustrating for you.

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