Monday, March 26, 2012

ORLY Indie Designers?

Just so y'all know I cannot do/engage with anything serious right now.

So fashion.

We all know I'm an indie/alt design lover.

I have finally pretty much accepted that I cannot now nor likely will not be able to afford indie/alt designers for the most part and it breaks my heart but fine.

Okay here's the thing I keep finding over and over again and one of the things Joanna on Project Runway All Stars kept harping on.

WHY the fuck can't I wear a bra with that?

It seemed to me for about two years some indie/alt designers actually got on the band wagon and realized that non-model sized people have money and want to spend it.

I'm not even talking about fat people just now. I'm talking about your average awesome consumer with some kick ass taste and a love for fancy things.

Okay let's bring being a fat ass into it.

Here's the thing that so many Indie/Alt designers do, and why they are doing it wrong.

I have personally emailed DOZENS of indie/alt designers asking about sizing etc. Here's how the majority of those conversations have gone:

Me: HEY you're awesome, I love this design. I have a fat ass. Please make it in more sizes so I can give you this handfull of cash.

Designer: Awww thanks you love me but I don't know how to make fat sizes/don't know fat people/don't think this is the "right look" for your body type etc.


Designer: Awww I LOVE all bodies but no.

Rinse repeat.

The other versions of this conversation are either dead air from designers as in no answers, occasionally especially goth shops will keep you holding on dangling the promise of more sizes then wind up sticking a whole lot of bullshit from Chic Star. Even when Chic Star offers nothing like what they stock in the rest of the shop.

People always say we don't have suppliers, there's not enough of a market blablablabla.


If you look at the pricing in most plus size stores, clearly fat people have money they want to hand over for awesome clothing. A cursory look at fat fashion bloggers would tell even the thickest skulled among us that a lot of fatties would support a fat ass loving designer hugely.

Now the other thing I hear from some shops is well, I don't make it so make it yourself.

That's really a stupid position. Anyone who thinks they are a designer or is one knows damn well it isn't just tacking up a hem. It takes a lot of skill to learn to make a quality well fitting garment. It takes time and commitment and an aptitude for sewing. Not everyone has DIY aptitude.

For instance.

I really suck at making jewelry. I have some amazing (I think they are amazing ideas) but I'm just really bad at it and always have been. Thus, when I want a fancy bit of jewelry I buy it. I prefer buying from indie designers because I like supporting small business.

But clothing, god damn it clothing is such a huge thing.

More of a thing when one has a specific aesthetic or there's a designer you really REALLY want to give all your hard earned duckets to and it's just not gonna happen.

Most recently my ass has been yearning for something like the leggings Toxic Vision clothing is known for. See their tumblr here. Unfortunately, this is one of those shops where it looks like the designer makes things to fit bottoms about the size of hers and that's all.

Also this particular designer doesn't do custom so well shit. I cannot give her my hard earned monies.

Just earlier I saw this on tumblr and at a glance I was like, YES YES YES YES. I had already started saving in my head for this dress and then I looked at it.


Okay I love that it's jersey, I love that it's hooded but really? Have these people ever seen someone with even moderately sized breasts?

To use Joanna's bitch to Michael from PR Allstars, how does one wear a bra with that?

Now lets look at someone like me with enormous DD boobs that are not implants.

I'd like someone to tell me how and what bra I could wear with that OR how I could stand still all day so my tits wouldn't fall right out of it.

Go ahead. Figure that kind of algebra out.

The thing is designers, it's really not that hard.

The first thing is that if you want to hit it big understand that you're not going to find every person who wears your clothes hot and it won't ruin your vision.

Yes, you may have an ideal in mind when you make something but the reality is that person is probably either yourself or a friend and most the rest of us are not those people.

Secondly, people with different bodies have money. We do. Well I don't right now but for the right designer I will save up.

Third, use the googles. If you want to find out if there is in fact a market use fucking google doods. Google fat fashion, plus size fashion etc and read some blogs.

What you'll notice is that a lot of fatties really love their fashion and really want to support your wee company. Get that money.

Get it done.

Later this week I'll get together some links for alt and indie designers and shops that range in price. I may write a sad ode to Domino Dollhouse because as much as I LOVE what they are doing I can't afford it.

That's all for now my homies.

Homo Out.


Veronica said...

Yes, how to wear a bra with something doesn't seem like too much to ask a designer to think about beforehand. Of course, I have the added pleasure of not being able to wear tops or dresses that have a certain amount of space alotted for 'the girls' (like this ->, the seam always ends up about mid-boob, and I look like I've picked the wrong size:(

Molly Ren said...

Oh God, Toxic Visions! I used to LUST after their designs on eBay and I think in a year of following them they made exactly ONE garment in a size 12. ONE. You've re-ignited all my suppressed fatty goth rage! XD

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