Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre Birthday Beauty.

Oh my darlings.
If you've read me for a while you know I am a bonafide beauty junkie.
It's been a while since we talked about beauty so let's do that today.
As we know I am the fabulous on the cheap queen.
My beauty aesthetic lately has been my usual full coverage matte face, the deep dark almost black lip as I mentioned, AND lots of eye liner and..wait for it naked super shiny lips as well as some pale colors.
Can we talk about the pale colors?
I made a small ULTA purchase back in the beginning of December and I've been bored with my aesthetic for a while and bought this lipstick in a color called Pink Chocolate. I don't have pictures to match because it's still wintery and the lighting in my house SUCKS for beauty shots.
This lipstick is a light brown based pink. Prior to buying that I had always thought my lips and face were too dark for such light lips.
Turns out...I love it.
For those with darker brown/purpley lips a brown based pink with either a more brown or taupe lipstick or gloss makes a really sexy more realistic nude than most beige colors.
The other thing I'm really into are naked super shiny lips.
I always need and want a good super sexy shiny clear lipgloss to go over lip stains and whatnot and have been looking for The. One.
I think I have found it.
I am very very picky about my lip products. I prefer it in a tube with either a slanted or round top. If I'm wearing a lip stain doe foot applicators tend to lift color. Also I have big lips so the all in one types aren't too messy for me.
I had been using Lancome Juicy tubes in clear. I got a super deal in a make up swap and had like three of them. I was looking to get a bit more shimmer and slight bit of tint. Also Lancome is really fucking expensive.
I've tried lots of brands and I'm very particular. I need something that is moisturizing, long lasting, not overly flavored and not too sparkly.
On a whim I purchased one of the Bath and Body Works sheer glosses.
Oh. Em. Gee.
I purchased (sorry this is totally an affiliate link)

Oh. Em. Gee.
Now I picked this blue tint gloss becaseu a slight blue tint on my lips is really nice and I love pina colada scented things even though I don't like drinking them. This gloss is reasonably priced, moisturizing and the shimmer is not the kind that gets gritty or too chunky as the gloss dries. It also has some staying power. I'm actually quite impressed with how well it performs. As well/a bit better than some of the high end stuff I've used.
What else?
Oh after I get back into contact lenses, I'm going to experiment with some more big lashes.
Seriously at some point I decided that being 35 means I get to explore and do some things with my face and clothes I've never done before.
I also made some serious decisions.
First one is as much as I love them so much I'm breaking up with ballet flats.
I love how affordable fancy little shoes can be but, honestly they give me so many problems with my feet. I have extremely high arches and finicky fat little feet that do not like ballet flats. They never have and wearing them maks my everything hurt.
To that end I had some amazing thrifting luck and picked up some pretty much new Naturalizer mary janes. And I have my thrifted Danksos that I um..okay can we talk about those? I finally won a pair on ebay for fairly cheap in January and they are the best things ever to wear with socks.
I am also finally working things out with my hair. I can do a couple of styles with my hair down and right now my hair is varying shades of red. I'm bumping up the red with some Manic Panic as well and it's sexy.
What else?
OH I'm also going to try some vaguely uncombedish hair. I haven't done it in years because I'm supposedly all growed up but fuck that.
Also things like the following picture are going to be happening:

I will post an official this is what 35 looks like on me picture tomorrow night.
I love you my homies and haters.
Be safe. Be awesome.
Homo Out.


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